There are no Words…

There are no words to describe Mitch McConnell, Kentucky’s cruel, uncaring, small minded idiot Senator, without using extreme profanity.

There is not one piece of his black heart that is deserving of me stooping to his low underbelly tactics. I wonder how he sleeps already knowing that the elderly, disabled households, veterans, and families with children can no longer get housing vouchers in  Seattle. The King County Housing Authority announced they have had to stop issuing the vouchers.

He could care less that some classrooms will lose teachers, that security staffs at airports will have to furlough personnel. Why does he care if food stamp programs are eliminated? We, the taxpayers, have been paying his salary for his whole life and we have received damn little for it.

Of course it is nice to have a second wife who is also a billionaire. Our only hope is that their money will not be enough to keep this heartless enemy of the poor and middle class in office until he meets his last and greatest challenge. We can all take some joy in the hope that someday he will be in a warm place where you have to grovel and beg for a “Hot Brown.”

Mitch, you have time to repent. I know that word, repent, is not in your usual “no” vocabulary so I will give you Mr. Webster’s definition.

REPENT—rue, reform,  regret, do penitence.

Even though I have no respect for you, Mr. McConnell, I can still be magnanimous and hope you find a grain of decency within yourself and show some concern for those less fortunate.


2 thoughts on “There are no Words…

  1. His heart is but a grain and I don’t believe it will grow into the size of a real heart. This Grinch will never discover the pleasure of kindness. A Kentuckian could vote for Satan and still have a better chance of getting decent representation than voting for McConnell.

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