From the lodge at Oxmoor— Elvis is alive!

The crowd is gathering. They have all pretty much been fed so maybe that will curb their energy somewhat; needless to say we have a preponderance of females in the house. Elvis just arrived and, to tell the truth, even though he has been gone so many years, I think he would look more like himself than this wannabe.

The crowd is getting anxious – he better get started. The natives are getting restless. I just looked up at the second floor. Ye gods – they are lined all around the balcony. The front doors just opened again and a mommy, daddy and two very small children entered. I guess the parents wanted their little ones to experience some culture.

This blog may be short. I don’t know how much “Hound Dog” or “Jailhouse Rock”  I can take. I did not care for him when he was alive, and I can’t say my taste has changed with old age.

(Here I will give Oxmoor Retirement Lodge a big extended applause and our activities director, Marissa Morrison lots of kudos. They know how to draw a crowd, feed them dinner and entertain them. The people who live here have been so excited. They love it when we have visitors.)

Oh my gosh. He just entered the room and walked by me. I could have touched him, white satin suit covered with jewels and sequins. He is at the mike now and his left leg is shaking so much…I think that is his sexy shake. Now he is talking real soft and spiritual.

I really don’t know how to explain his gyrating. It looks like he is trying to make out with his guitar. Now the ladies are all clapping–I will move over here and try to find out why…

Oh lord – he is flinging his body all over the place. Now I understand. Most of the ladies here haven’t seen a man move or shake like that in a hell of a long time. He just picked out a white haired lady and is kneeling beside her. She may have to go change her Depends any minute.

If you can believe it an old man was so moved he is up shaking and dancing. I hope we don’t have to call EMS.

Our Elvis is doing more talking than singing, and with good reason – the guy is tone deaf. He can’t sing a lick! The old man is on his feet again, clapping and dancing in circles. I swear he is going to have a stroke or seizure.

Elvis is now kissing the ladies, and the older the better. Well, I always say get your kicks where you can and choose your battles carefully. I may be able to finish this unless he starts singing gospel songs. That would be a personal affront to The Lord.

Oh my! Now he is on the floor.

I just may have to exit. A little of this goes a long way but, as a gentleman who just passed me said, well it’s free. Amen.

When all is said and done, the guests and especially the residents of Oxmoor Lodge had a very fun afternoon, and that is what is important. When day in and day out you are consumed with aches and pains, an afternoon of entertainment is a welcome relief. Most don’t care whether it is New York-style Broadway entertainment or Louisville-style Broadway entertainment; it’s entertainment and an hour or more to forget your aches and pains and what tomorrow might bring.

So, for all the residents of Oxmoor Lodge, a thank you to our managers, Bruce and Beth, and our activities director, Marissa, who decorated the dining room with pieces of nostalgia, including records, a life-sized cutout of Elvis and pictures of 60’s Chevy Bel Airs. Thanks for giving us a lite moment in our day.


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