Moving Kentucky Forward

At Last, At Last, praise the Lord, at Last, Kentucky is moving forward. We have been mired in the stench of Williams swamp water for too long. Our Governor, who was duly elected by the people, just as Democratic Governor Paul Patton and Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher before him, could use his time governoring and not spend his time and the taxpayer’s money trying to put the swamp snake back in his pit. The only downside is that Williams is still operating in a venue of law, albeit one that will be more difficult to use his natural negativity and down right nastiness to do evil in. Others will now have to keep a tight rein on him.

This session of the Kentucky Legislature, with the effort of a working partnership with Senator Robert Stivers, R- Manchester, now holding the top job in the Senate, were able to get Governor Beshear’s bill to raise the high school dropout age passed. They also finally got his child fatality review panel bill enacted. Governor Beshear also played a pivotal part in pushing through a compromise that is designed to cure the state’s pension program’s ills.

Governor Beshear said, “When the dust settles in a few weeks I think many are going to look back on this short session as one of the most productive legislative sessions in many a year in Kentucky … I think we had an extraordinary session.”

Let us keep working for the people of our great state and never again put a swampee in a high position where “No” is the only part of the English language he or she understands. Thank you to every legislator, Republican and Democrat, and to the leadership of Governor Steve Beshear, Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson and  Senator Robert Stivers for putting the people first.


2 thoughts on “Moving Kentucky Forward

  1. I totally agree, June! It seemed like an entirely different atmosphere this year. Not so sure they solved the Pension problem, but at least they got something done on it.

  2. Cindy,
    Thanks for your reply to my blog. I wish more people would compliment our legislatures when they do good. David Williams always reminded me of the school yard bully. I am just sorry we had to pay a ransom to get rid of him.
    Thanks for reading my Blog. June Key

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