The pundit here.

I have been twisted and turned, rolled and churned in every direction. And in every direction turned left and right and up and down. And merry-go-round and round?

The pills keep coming. Doctors-1-2-3-4, nurses-5-6-7.

Kidneys shot. Heart not much better. Lungs in the big sleep. Brain trying to find out who will be the woman on the $10 bill. Darn, I may not get to spend any.

People coming and going. Questions, questions from each one. They all ask the same questions. I give them all the same answers.

Pigs selling for 5, corn for 10. My blood pressure is high, my oxygen is low. If ever the two get it right, this place I shall blow!

Take a nap so a needle can wake you up. It’s a game we play. I go to sleep, the needle wakes. Oh what the hell – the bottom’s up, the dollar’s down.

The bottom line is, I survived all the anxieties of “crossing over.” My mama didn’t raise no fool. I ain’t getting in no boat if I don’t know where it’s going. Guess I will hang out a little longer, celebrate my 91st birthday Sunday, and wait to see what thirteen Republican candidates are going to use for their stump speeches. Can’t be Obamacare. Way to go Barack!!!

My Book Signing

I have had a few days to reflect on one of the most memorable days of my life.

I had a book signing for Blue Streak, a memoir of my 89 years. It took a little over a year; from writing the first words on my IPad, then sending my essays to my wonderful editors, then on to Amazon to be published, to, finally, my book release event at my home, Oxmoor Retirement Lodge. What an amazing journey it was. From 4 years old to 89 and just like that song,  “I’m still flowing, I’m still glowing, I’m still going strong, Dolly.”

Many friends and my family, over 75 people strong, shared the afternoon with me. It was truly a love-in; I was so grateful to each of those who attended, and it was a wonderful day, even though the beautiful snow keep many others of my friends at home, out of harms way.

To each of you, never accept that age makes it that you no longer can achieve the impossible – you can! Just put your faith in whatever you want to accomplish and make it happen.

We are all a part of each other

From the lodge at Oxmoor…..another Presidential election is over, Barack Obama has been reelected and whether or not he was your choice, he is our President.

Let us hope the 113th Congress will find a way to work together for the good of our country and future generations. If you read this blog and think, I don’t give a tinker’s damn, then shame on you. If you do give a damn, take time to look up information about the men and women who will hold our country’s future for the next few years in their hearts and hands.

Our great United States of America is a microcosm of the world; a rich stew made of many ethnicities. The membership of our 113th Congress is, I believe, the most diverse that we have ever had. A partial list of who we will seat includes Latinos (Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans), women, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, a Hindu member, a Buddhist member and the first openly gay Senator.

Diversity, thy name is America!

Our Government now reflects the people who are the citizens of our country. We should all be very proud of the men and women who have made this commitment to public service and have been chosen to represent us. May they serve to make our country a better homeland. And may God bless each member of our government and God bless the United States of America.

Hail to the Chief, Again

From the lodge at Oxmoor——-for many months now I have been writing my blogs along political lines. I have tried to call attention to some of the real dangers I could foresee with the election of the Romney/Ryan Republican ticket. From the assault on women, the danger of losing the rights so many fought for that could be reversed if the Supreme Court became more conservative, the annihilation of the Department of Education and, of course, the overturning of  Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare, to name just a few.

I am filled with with great joy and relief that Barack Obama won the election and will be our leader for four more years. We may see adjustments in various programs and tax structures but President Obama will, I am sure, never do anything at the expense of the middle class and our most needy to better the wealthy. We will all be asked to do our part to move our country back to fiscal security. Our country has been limping along since the George Bush debacle that Obama inherited.

The men and women we have elected are good people. There are a few obstructionists still among the ones who are there to help not hinder. The majority can neutralize the few if they stiffen their backbone and stand their ground.

America is the greatest nation in the world. Its citizens are the most caring, intelligent and hard working. Let us all roll up our sleeves and be a willing part of the solution. More then ever I believe we live in the most wonderful country in the world.  And more than ever I believe that if you can only complain or gripe if asked to give a little more, try living somewhere else.

To My Loyal Blog Readers

I am pleading with you this morning. Please watch the third debate. What a victory for our President in debate number two.

Romney lied about the remark in the Rose Garden, he lied about the binders of women’s names he gathered when he had nothing to do with gathering those names. A group stated this morning their group (that works to improve women’s rights) gathered those names and the women he said he chose already worked in various government jobs at the time.

Why can’t he tell the truth? My son said when if all you listen to is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, all you hear is lies and that is what he tells.

As of this morning, housing starts are up higher than since the Bush debacle, stocks are on the upswing, and the picture is improving as I write. Let’s keep this progress going.

Who knew it would take four years to overcome the Bush mess?

However, President Obama has brought us out of a mild recession. I lived through a depression and the last four years are not even close to a depression or even a severe recession. Yes, we stood on the steps of Bush’s lack of leadership, wars we should never have been a part of and too many photo shoots of how Mr. Wonderful was solving all the problems… not!

Let’s show Barack Obama we are thankful he took on the challenge to begin to bring our great country back and give him the next four years to finish the task. He deserves that from all of us.

While he was fighting for us, Mitch McConnell went to war against him and we paid his salary for one year- not to do his job but to keep the African-American President from returning to the White House.

How wrong and sad is that?

Be a Good American or Get Out

From the Lodge at Oxmoor—it is a beautiful morning in Louisville, Kentucky. The air is a little brisk, the bushes and trees are still green with just a leaf here and there to let us know Fall is just around the next bend in the road. The greens will turn to other pretty Fall hues and join the squirrels and other little creatures in their hiatus until we are awakened to the renewal of life that spring always brings. May we all survive the challenges of winters, cold temperatures, icy walks and snowy blasts.

In a very short time, we will be electing a President to lead our great country. It is my heartfelt wish that during and after the process we find the pride and respect to support our selection, whoever that will be. The past four years should be a perfect lesson, showing that rancor, disrespect and downright nastiness has done our country no good except to show how mean-spirited so many have become. It is my wish that if you really care about the future of our land and can’t be a team player, get out of the political arena.

I would like to remind you, if you have not read recent articles in our papers, of a little history that brought us to this point in the wonderful free country we live in.

Susan B. Anthony, the suffragist, fought for half a century for the right of women to vote. At age 86, in 1906, one month before she died, she traveled from New York to Baltimore to tell women one more time, and her last time, that “failure is impossible” in their struggle to win the right to vote. It was fourteen years later, long after her death, that women throughout America won that battle and the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified.

In 1964 the nation ratified the Twenty-fourth Amendment to the Constitution to outlaw the “poll taxes” that many southern states had enacted. This meant you had to pay a tax in order to vote. Such laws were meant to disenfranchise the poor and minorities and deny them the right to vote. President Lyndon Johnson noted as he signed the Twenty-fourth amendment into law that “there can be no one too poor to vote.”

However, today there are those who would turn back the clock and revive barriers to our basic right to vote via early voting changes and ID laws–specifically a threat to the elderly, the poor, minorities and students–and, in the process, undo almost a century of progress. Various lawsuits are before the courts in areas to stop this infringement upon our rights, but the time is short. Please use your voice to stop this outright crime from being perpetrated upon our fellow human beings. If we don’t stop this injustice the next injustice may well be one you will want us to fight for regarding you.

God bless our Government and God bless the United States of America.

Sister Simone Campbell

From the Retirement lodge at Oxmoor

I hope you watched the entire Democratic Convention. Just when you thought a speaker could not be topped another speaker would come to the microphone and either bring you out of your chair to your feet or cause a tear to come into your eye because of the passion he or she evoked.

Such a speaker was Sister Simone Campbell, the leader of the “Nuns on a Bus” group of Roman Catholic nuns who are traveling across the country. They are spreading the word to remember our country has always been the country who believed we share with the less fortunate. Sister Campbell was taught the principles of compassion and love for her fellow sisters and brothers and she has never forgotten those teachings.

This is what all religions used to teach, however it seems not just the Roman Catholic Church but all religions are becoming more of the ilk of “I got mine, you’re on your own.” I am sure most of you believe that is not true, because you hear the words on Sunday: you are your brother’s keeper. But what do you do about it on every day of the week until you feel good to hear it again on Sunday?

Our political leaders, for the most part have been compassionate leaders. Yes, we have fed the poor, we have provided a degree of health care, educational opportunities, and special care for children and senior citizens. Now we have those who want all forms of assistance eliminated for those who need help most.

Sister Campbell has been criticized, and harshly told to cease her campaign of compassion by the hierarchy of her own church.  Her answer has been “I will not be silenced.”  Thank you Sister Simone Campbell, as an Episcopalian I salute you. Stay strong, my prayers are with you as you and your fellow bus mates continue to travel on this journey of love, caring and compassion. May God hold you all in his arms and keep you safe.

This Is What You Get

From the lodge at Oxmoor…..this blog will not be long.  It doesn’t need be.

Baby boomers and those younger—-if you are a female, and the most frightful ticket for President/Vice President, the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan combo is elected, you are in deep doodoo. Every right that women have fought for will be in jeopardy or taken away from you.

Paul Ryan is no friend of women in any and all regards. Read his opinion and stand on women’s ability to know what is best for them and their body.

Now to my fellow seniors. True, our current Medicare and Social Security systems may not be fooled with for those of us already in the programs, however, I don’t trust them to not mess with it. One fact I am sure of: my and your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will never see the Social Security and Medicare benefits we enjoy. They are the ones supporting us, yesterday, today and tomorrow with their contribution into those programs every week out of their paycheck.

It is our duty, out of love and concern for our younger family members, that we not let these budget thieves get elected. When my grandchildren are ready to retire I want them to be able to live with dignity and care just as I have. I owe them no less than that.

Let us not be the sweet mother or grandparent to their faces as we stab them in the back, by jeopardizing their future.

And last, but not least, if our health care plan is destroyed as both Romney and Ryan want to do, our “doughnut hole” protection that President Obama’s health plan closed to protect us from catastrophic drug cost will once more be opened. I don’t need to tell you what that will do for your prescription costs.

Please, please, be informed. If you are having problems with your sight, have someone else read to you the Romney/Ryan positions on all these important issues that affect you and your family’s future.

And, young people sit down with your parents, grandparents or senior members of your family and help them understand the danger that could lay ahead for them and, especially, you and your family, please!

Fair Pay, Fair Play

From the Oxmoor Lodge…

Yesterday, once more,  the gutless wonders on one side of the aisle in the Senate gave women another below the belt “belly punch”.

Check it out—The Paycheck Fairness Act that would assure equal pay for women for equal work was defeated by 47 Republicans who were nurtured, loved and given birth to by 47 women.

Check it out—Five of those votes were from women. Ye Gods, what traitors live amongst us.  Senator Susan Collins of Maine  (one of the yellow bellies) said we have enough laws already that are adequate to ensure equal pay for women.

Check it out—I quote from the article in today’s Courier Journal : “If current laws are “adequate,” why are women still making only 77 cents for every male dollar in annual salaries?”

Check it out—It took 75 years of protests, injuries, and arrests for women to get the right to vote. Equal pay should not take one more year.

Check it out—Senator Barbara Mikulski, of Maryland, the author of the bill, rightly encouraged women to keep fighting for future passage of the bill and for the equality they deserve.

Check it out—Senator Mikulski said:  “I say to the women out there in America, let’s keep this fight going. Put on your lipstick, square your shoulders, suit up, and let’s fight for a new American revolution where women are paid equal pay for equal work, and let’s end wage discrimination in this century once and for all.”

Check it out—come November, let’s get rid of the women haters in Washington.  Once more they have thrown women under the bus.  Elect the real men who value women and the work they do.  Also, let’s get more women elected in the House and Senate.  It is time to take that worn out cliché “Man Up” and replace it with “Women Up!”