The pundit here.

I have been twisted and turned, rolled and churned in every direction. And in every direction turned left and right and up and down. And merry-go-round and round?

The pills keep coming. Doctors-1-2-3-4, nurses-5-6-7.

Kidneys shot. Heart not much better. Lungs in the big sleep. Brain trying to find out who will be the woman on the $10 bill. Darn, I may not get to spend any.

People coming and going. Questions, questions from each one. They all ask the same questions. I give them all the same answers.

Pigs selling for 5, corn for 10. My blood pressure is high, my oxygen is low. If ever the two get it right, this place I shall blow!

Take a nap so a needle can wake you up. It’s a game we play. I go to sleep, the needle wakes. Oh what the hell – the bottom’s up, the dollar’s down.

The bottom line is, I survived all the anxieties of “crossing over.” My mama didn’t raise no fool. I ain’t getting in no boat if I don’t know where it’s going. Guess I will hang out a little longer, celebrate my 91st birthday Sunday, and wait to see what thirteen Republican candidates are going to use for their stump speeches. Can’t be Obamacare. Way to go Barack!!!


Balancing the Good New Days and the Good Old Days

I was just watching a little girl eating a ice cream cone and realized how quickly it was melting as she walked in the sun. Then, for no good reason I started thinking about other things that go poof and they are gone, probably not to be seen again. For example, the block of ice the iceman used to carry into our kitchen with his ice tongs, or the letters the postman brought with the three cent stamp attached. The list could go on and on but the one item on the list that is the saddest is the more than 291 newspapers that are defunct, MIA in the past few years. And the list increases every day.

It is not only the printed word, it is the written word also. Teaching penmanship is no longer fashionable in our schools; consequently, we are not teaching the beauty of the English language. The theme paper and number 2 pencils we coveted have seemingly been relegated to the dust heap, and in their places we have a keyboard, a return, back space and alphabet button on a computer. I believe in progress and I love my IPad and computer, but I wish we did not exile one for the other. Personally, I am glad I had to make all those circles learning to keep the numbers and letters between those two lines, and glad I had to write all of those thank you notes because it was the proper thing to do.

Teachers have so much that is required of them for testing purposes that I am sure something had to be eliminated. And I understand we are living in an electronic age and students have to embrace that; their future depends on it. However, I think they have missed out on some important things also.

I grieve the most about our newspapers but I have to accept that family owned newspapers are almost a thing of the past. It is more about advertising that brings in the money, not the news. I don’t think we will see the likes of the newspapers I grew up enjoying: the four or five sections of 10 or 12 pages in each section, every day.

At the same time, I still progress is wonderful. I will gladly accept ice cubes over the old ice pick and the block of ice.

They’re In the Money

My morning paper is my morning friend. I read my paper, front to back. I try to, if not always successful, understand both the good and the not-so-good news equally. But there are exceptions. This morning a story on the front page left me so angry I could not even enjoy my first cup of coffee.

This article concerned the annual financial disclosure list filed for 2012.

The medium net worth of senators and representatives in the Senate and House is $1,008,767: up 4.4 percent. And Kentucky has at least six legislators that are on the millionaires list. Mitch McConnell and John Yarmuth are near the top of the list.

True, some, including John Yarmuth, had amassed great wealth before being elected to serve our Government. But some have amassed their wealth from their service in the Senate or House of Representatives. We, the tax payers, have made millionaires out of some very cold-hearted members of Congress who evidently never read the good book – or at least the part where, over and over, our Father in Heaven tells us to care and share with our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate then we.

It is an embarrassment that my State of Kentucky is where one of those sniveling idiots had the audacity to state publicly that people on any kind of assistance did not want to work, and, by helping them, we encourage them to be lazy and to wait for a handout. I want that little, and I mean “little” ass to know my mother worked herself to death to provide a home AND accepted food for us from the Government to feed us AND passed away at 49 after a hard life doing so.

For you and many in your “party of no ‘s” who have never missed a meal, who have always been warm, or who are living the good life – think of the families who had their unemployment stopped. Think of the families who no longer can get food stamps. Think of what you have taken AWAY from those you are supposed to care about. Most important, think about how you would feel if you had to watch your children cry from hunger. That is a parent’s hell.

I promise you, you will answer for your lack of compassion. You may feel all-powerful and able to abuse the less fortunate now, but you are just a little P- ant compared to the one you will answer to.

Checking Your 2013 Ledger

We have just days left in this year. Are you ready to open your ledger and add up your score for 2013?

1.  How did you respond to people who did not acknowledge your smile, your “Good morning!” or “Good evening!” or your hello?

Did you think, “Well, the heck with you!” or, did you realize that person may need your good wishes more than anyone you may meet the rest of the day? When our mind or heart is laden with troubles, real or imagined, we all may forget to acknowledge kindness.

2.  What did you think of our elected officials in Washington?

Do you rant and rave about their decisions or lack thereof? Did you decide that they are all crooks? Say we should kick them all out? Or did you realize they are, in most cases, separated from family, spending untold hours studying legislation, trying to make sure they do what they think is best for our country and their constituents? Our elected officials certainly come under strong scrutiny and, sometimes, scorn, depending on your own political persuasion.

I admit I am guilty of having strong feelings about certain members of Congress, but I try to be as respectful of our public servants as I can. I try my best to believe they are each in office because they want to be caretakers of our citizens and help to make their lives better and safer; however, a certain group are more concerned about taking milk from babies, food from the less fortunate and other essentials from those who need them the most. For those who fall in that category I can only hope they find, somewhere inside, a kinder, more compassionate heart.

3.  Have you thought about how and why we elevate people to hero status? Sports stars, musicians and other entertainers, politicians…then we hear some unproven gossip about them and we can’t wait to knock them off the pedestal we placed them on.

Most fallen heros, if asked about their transgressions,  would probably ask, in return, the question: “Why did you praise me unrealistically only to take even more delight in destroying me?” I think at times we are largely becoming a people of vindictiveness and revenge.

4.  Do you appreciate the server of your morning coffee – be it your wife or the waitress at your local diner? Did you thank them or did you just assume it was their duty; their job?

It is no one’s duty to serve you. And showing respect and thoughtfulness serves you both – by giving joy you get joy.

5.  Each day we have kind thoughts, each day that we reach out to greet a stranger, each day we recognize that God refills our tank with love and compassion is a day that will be a happy one.

Leave Him Alone!

Once more, greed, hardheartedness, and plain stupidity has raised its ugly head, railing against the interests of those less fortunate among us. It seems, more and more, it is becoming the M.O. of the cruel and uncaring that live among us to find forms of the media as outlets to spew their venom in, and, worse, get paid for doing it.

Just this week an idiot had his garbage printed in our local paper. I refuse to mention his name, because I do not give credence to such crap.

The Roman Catholic Church selected a most wonderful leader for not only the good of their members but for the good of the world. He is a true believer – committed to the belief that God meant for us to always care for brothers and sisters less fortunate then ourselves.

To accuse this gentle, caring man of any kind of leaning to any “ism” is blasphemy. The person who wrote this piece outlined Pope Francis’  “Marxist tendencies.”  (BLANK) is an idiot: perhaps he has never been hungry, cold, ill or without care, or perhaps he is just plain mean.

To set the record straight, I am not a Roman Catholic, I am a Episcopalian who was taught as long as there is one person in need we must all feel that pain and do all we can to right the wrongs of ALL in need.

May God continue to hold the hand of this great servant, Pope Francis, and those who share his love of all mankind, even those who have allowed their hearts to harden. All babies are born free of prejudices; how we live is up to each one of us.

A Lesson From Mandela

Once more I am compelled to write my blog about the loss of yet another world leader who struggled to right the wrongs of a nation. President Nelson Mandela of South Africa has passed away.

He fought with heart and soul to bring an end to the hideous years of apartheid his countrymen were living under.  He suffered a constant fear of reprisal for his devotion to set his people free of the bonds of white supremacy.

For this mighty and just cause he was harassed, vilified and ultimately confined to the harsh Robben Island prison near Cape Town, sentenced to life at hard labor.  He spent twenty-seven years in prison before being released.

There are many quotes from Mandela that ring with profound meaning, but the one that I shall always remember is, when asked if he wanted revenge, his answer was, “If I seek revenge then I will still be in prison.”

In our lifetime, small words or deeds can hurt us but only forgiveness can free us. As long as we hold grudges we are not free.  We are prisoners of our making.

The task is not yet finished

Yesterday we heard emotional speeches by five national leaders and patriots. The words of Presidents Obama, Clinton and Carter, along with John Lewis, should remind us of the battle not yet won.

Yes, thanks to leaders such as those who were present, we have made great strides in righting the wrongs of so many years – those which we did not want to acknowledge existed. The four I have mentioned stood tall and proud, each working in their own way to right the wrongs that so many of our brothers and sisters endured.

The fifth voice was a voice silenced before its time – a voice that everyone who stood on that great Mall in Washington or who listened across our great country was able to summon, once more hearing those words…”I have a dream, that one day all men will be free.”

Even if it is no longer with us, that voice will never truly be silenced.  No bullet can ever still that voice or the words of Martin Luther King.

May we always have leadership that truly believes all men and women: black, white, Asian, Mexican – any and all races –  shall feel this country is big enough for all to come to work, enjoy life and add the different shade of beauty each brings to enhance our rainbow.

As Christians our hearts should be so full of love we have no room for hate. Only those who are misguided, misinformed, mean-spirited, or just plain stupid would defy our Heavenly Father, who said we all are God’s children, sisters and brothers together. God’s words are good enough for me. How about you? Are you picking and choosing that which is easy to do and calling yourself a Christian or do you truly follow God’s words and live by his words?