Seeking New Challenges

My book Blue Streak is finished, the official book signing was held and I have responded to all the many kind remarks I received.

I began bouncing ideas around, thinking, “What next?” After all, being 89 years old is not a reason to accept finality about anything. I still have this blog, but my brain was seeking something more.

For some time I have bounced around the idea of a book or set of books for children. I am currently working on a book of fables, Unique Island.

While I was looking through several pages of activities for and with the residents here at Oxmoor Retirement Lodge I found some I would love to participate in, but I knew my lack of hearing would be much too stressful for both those I would be working with and myself.

I read the list and, lo and behold, it almost jumped off the paper and into my arms: HISTORIAN!!! I love history, I love researching, and I love sharing history with others.

I talked with our Oxmoor Activities Director, Marissa Morrison, she gave me the green light, and I was off to the races. So, now I shall search for interesting events to write about and research. It is a win-win opportunity. I learn by doing and I share by learning.

So far I have shared information about the Chinese New Year, the Olympics, the Oxmoor Estate, part of which our home, Oxmoor Lodge, was built on, St. Valentine’s Day and the Beatles’ arrival in the United States.

Never say there is nothing more I can do; that age has finally caught up with me. Age is no reason, age is just an excuse.

New challenges keep you involved, motivated, productive, and happy. Try it – you may like it!


My Book Signing

I have had a few days to reflect on one of the most memorable days of my life.

I had a book signing for Blue Streak, a memoir of my 89 years. It took a little over a year; from writing the first words on my IPad, then sending my essays to my wonderful editors, then on to Amazon to be published, to, finally, my book release event at my home, Oxmoor Retirement Lodge. What an amazing journey it was. From 4 years old to 89 and just like that song,  “I’m still flowing, I’m still glowing, I’m still going strong, Dolly.”

Many friends and my family, over 75 people strong, shared the afternoon with me. It was truly a love-in; I was so grateful to each of those who attended, and it was a wonderful day, even though the beautiful snow keep many others of my friends at home, out of harms way.

To each of you, never accept that age makes it that you no longer can achieve the impossible – you can! Just put your faith in whatever you want to accomplish and make it happen.