About me.

I am June Key, the Raving Pundit. I am 87 years young and I reside at the Oxmoor Retirement Home. I was married for almost 69 years and had three children, Donna, Rick and Tara. I was employed with the Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky for 26 years and a PTA Volunteer for 46 years. I was a consultant to many school systems while they were going through the desegregation of their school systems. President Gerald Ford asked me to come to Washington to meet with him to discuss the challenges we were experiencing in Louisville.

I have three passions in life, my blog, my cross stitching and politics. I am an avid sports fan, a die hard Democrat and an Episcopalian. Can’t improve on that much, even if you tried.


5 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Hi June. I’ve just been asked to read your blog…it’s great.

    My mother told me to read it. Actually, she’s at Oxmoor Lodge too, Verna, on the same floor as you. She gives me the same advice. It’s exceptional you can blog about it.

    Keep on the same path…it will reward you! Verna’s daughter, Melanie

  2. I saw your blogs name in a CJ article and am enjoying the messages you are leaving for us with each of your blogs. Thank you for remaining true to your convictions and for your many years of service for our community. I am truly enjoying learning the history of Louisville since I am not a native. Keep informing us and I will continue to read your blogs…Kathy B.

  3. Hi June!
    I’m very inspired by your stories. I’m writing my graduate thesis on women’s housing activism during the Civil Rights movement, and I would love to sit down and talk with you to include your voice in my research. Please contact me via email and keep up the good work!

  4. you have no idea how far this post lifted me off the carpet. I plan to acquire Blue Streak! I’ve put you on my blog, too (www.xtremeenglish.blogspot.com). Come for a visit, please….

  5. Dear Pundit….Please say something intelligent about Eric Cantor’s loss in Virginia. Should we cheer or should we be very afraid??

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