In Memoriam

On Sunday, March 13, 2016, June Key, the Raving Pundit, passed away.

She wanted to vote one more time, but that was not in the cards. This site will be left as it is, as a tribute to a mother, activist and writer who never lost her thirst for learning, never wavered in her quest to ensure fairness and respect for those less fortunate in life, and never turned her back on a damn good discussion, making her points with more honey than vinegar, but MAKING HER POINTS.

I hope the writings she has left can help mothers and daughters, Democrats and Republicans, and Cards fans and Cats fans overcome what may divide them to see the beauty in life and the things that truly unite us all.

The Junior Pundit, signing off for June Key


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. What beautiful words for a beautiful person. I have kept everyone that she has
    Written in a binder at work and have read them often

  2. Sharon, that would make her very proud. She was such a good writer and it was only after a lot of “yes ma’am you sure are”‘s that she believed it!

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