The pundit here.

I have been twisted and turned, rolled and churned in every direction. And in every direction turned left and right and up and down. And merry-go-round and round?

The pills keep coming. Doctors-1-2-3-4, nurses-5-6-7.

Kidneys shot. Heart not much better. Lungs in the big sleep. Brain trying to find out who will be the woman on the $10 bill. Darn, I may not get to spend any.

People coming and going. Questions, questions from each one. They all ask the same questions. I give them all the same answers.

Pigs selling for 5, corn for 10. My blood pressure is high, my oxygen is low. If ever the two get it right, this place I shall blow!

Take a nap so a needle can wake you up. It’s a game we play. I go to sleep, the needle wakes. Oh what the hell – the bottom’s up, the dollar’s down.

The bottom line is, I survived all the anxieties of “crossing over.” My mama didn’t raise no fool. I ain’t getting in no boat if I don’t know where it’s going. Guess I will hang out a little longer, celebrate my 91st birthday Sunday, and wait to see what thirteen Republican candidates are going to use for their stump speeches. Can’t be Obamacare. Way to go Barack!!!


4 thoughts on “Boomerang

  1. Glad to see you looking so much better today and growing stronger day by day. You have weathered a lot of storms and this is just another storm to come through. Love, hugs and kisses, Germaine

  2. June, just read your remarks on medicating and anxiety “crossing over” you called it. I , for one, hope that crossing is not too soon (unless you wish otherwise). We need your voice. I think of you often in this new place and miss you so much……..and I just crossed over to another retirement place. Hope your 91 st. was as wonderful as you. peace, Pat ramsye

  3. Dear June, I’m an old friend of Tara’s from the Louisville School of Art days. Although we have never met, I always look forward to what you are thinking. You continue to be a great inspiration to me and many others and I am so grateful that you continue to share your thoughts, even when you are fighting for your life. I am so proud to be an America these days, with the Confederate flag coming down and love wining in the fight for marriage equality. I am glad we are both alive to see it. All best wishes, Rebecca Graves.

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