It’s (Not) All About Me

Hello the Pundit here………..

I have spent the past three weeks in a most uncomfortable battle with a very sore upper thigh that has caused every step to be painful. X-rays did not reveal an answer so we will go the MRI route and hopefully find the answer. Only absolutely necessary trips give me reason to move from this chair.

In spite of the pain, the concern and the inconvenience, I cannot for the life of me wring my hands, curse my luck and say “Why me?”

Reason #1: daughter Donna, the smartest , kindest, most caring person alive, better than a doctor, #2: son Rick who drives over to wheel me to the dining room for lunch and conversation about sports and politics, and, #3: miles away in New York, daughter Tara, who works with me on projects, blogs and my Historian program for Oxmoor Lodge.

They do not deserve hearing Doom and Gloom out of me. If that’s not enough to try to keep a happy face, out of the ninety-plus residents who live here at Oxmoor Lodge, about half of them are in worse shape than I am.

I just have to remind myself on occasion that the good Lord has given me, at this day and time, ninety years on this planet, on this wonderful land in this fabulous country. I only hope I have used the talent he gave me in a productive way that has helped make someone’s life a little better.

Remember; when you want to cry, smile instead, when you want to cuss, think good thoughts, when you get angry, check your attitude.


2 thoughts on “It’s (Not) All About Me

  1. Dear Aunt June, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope they can get to the cause of your pain soon. I love and think about you often. Love, hugs and kisses Germaine

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