Have Faith

As you know, I live in a Retirement Lodge with some 90 senior residents. In a recent group discussion negativism seemed to permeate the room. One dear lady commented, “One of us is in worse condition than the next.” I said, “I would rather think that one of us is in better condition than the next.” At that point a gentleman in the group said, “That sounds good but our country is a mess.”

“Tornadoes, floods, drought, kids bullying kids, parents killing each other and sometimes their children, disrespect and greed. There is no beauty left; it’s like God has deserted us.”

It made me sad to hear him say this and even sadder when others agreed that so much has shaken their faith. I said,”First, I am sorry you feel that the ugliness of violence and disaster is due to God’s deserting you. I certainly am not a scholar on religion; however my grandmother and mother taught me at a very young age, Faith is not something you can purchase at the neighborhood store, sell at a yard sale, borrow from a neighbor or lend to a friend. Faith is a part of you, just as your hand is a part of your arm, your foot a part of your leg; your faith determines who you are.”

I liken faith to looking at the giant oak tree in the winter with its stark bare limbs and knowing, come spring, it shall be lush with beautiful green leaves to keep me cool on a hot summer day, or looking at a fuzzy caterpillar and envisioning the beautiful butterfly it will soon become.


2 thoughts on “Have Faith

  1. Beautifully said. My Faith has been shaken by the death of my daughter and grandson and shockingly negative experiences of late even though I’m a minister. Your words hit home and touched my heart. You are truly an inspiration and Blessing.

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