An Unenviable Shade of Green

I hope, my blog followers, that you read the Dana Milbank article in the Courier-Journal this morning, January 9, 2015. It said: “Mitch McConnell is off to a bitter start.” Well, duh, what did we expect? He is one snake in the grass that makes his own slime to slither in. He has been in his new position only hours and he is responsible for the upturn in the economy?!?

As Mr. Milbank wrote, “McConnell, when he wasn’t taking credit for things that preceded his ascent, gave a remarkably angry and ungracious first speech to the body he now leads. It was an 18-minute snarl, dripping with contempt and packed with campaign-style barbs for the president.”

It was through much of his (and his cohorts’) doing that very little was accomplished by our government in recent years. Why? Because the party of NO had one agenda put in place by their leader McConnell: get rid of the President or destroy him how ever they could. Well, he could not get rid of Obama, but the citizens of our great country deserved better then to have Mc Connell’s negative influence fighting every single thing the president wanted for our people. That is why I hope our President returns the favor and fights Mc Connell on every issue he brings up. If nothing gets done, so be it, nothing has been getting done anyway.

So give him as hard of a time as you can, Mr. President. Make his cherished position one he will never forget. We all know he never accepted you as President. You didn’t come from one of our states, originally. You were too smart, and you excelled during your Harvard days. You were dripping with class, something he never had and doesn’t even understand. Mr. President. You have an engaging smile-he has a clinched small chin that drips venom. And last, but certainly not least, you are the wrong color.

I would rather be any color than “Snake Green.”


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