Progress, I Think

We humans have a lot to learn. We pay up to $800 a day to rent a room in a hotel called Baptist East, Peace or Mercy General, agree to wear the same thing as everyone else and, fine, yours opens down the back and is at least 5-7 inches too small to close. There are no elevators by the door you came in; however, they provide you with a gurney and driver.

You get into a testy discussion with your roommate not about how the food tastes, but over who can best identify what it is. Then, off to sleep, only to be awakened on the hour to donate to the blood bank and then on the half hour – to see if I need anything.

I was beginning to wonder if this was a 4-star hotel – a 5 star would have been out of sight – and then I went to check out and they said, “We will bill you after the Government pays their part.” I “walked” out thinking, “Hot damn, what a deal. And my ole daddy said I was too dumb to go to the big city.”

Now, on the other hand, the squirrel comes to town, finds a beautiful big oak tree with nice nesting leaves to keep him warm at night. He hops and runs on his little feet and finds lots of good walnuts and other kinds of nuts to store away. His friend stops by and loves his tree and food. He and his treemate relax, remembering their days at Squirrel University and they nap peacefully. When they decide to move on, they clean up their tree. Before they leave their squirrel pad, their neighbors fill two squirrel men’s purses with nutty food and off they go.

The lesson to learn: Squirrels and most animals are smarter than humans. They have been on this earth for millions of years. Their biggest problem: The Humans. But I must admit this past week I was glad to be human and have other smarter humans manage to keep me here a bit longer.


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