What In the World?

Just when we think the news cannot get worse we are witnessing the beheading of at least three men whose only crime was doing their job, which was to keep us informed that, once again, “War is Hell.” In recent months we have learned that fanatical idiots have invaded homes, dragged children out and executed them while their families were made to watch. We have been told of countless women and girls as young as eight years old that have been given to the invading ISIS terrorists to do with what they wanted.

Some will say that would never happen in America, England or France or a civilized county; well, wake up my friends, the terrorists have been joined in their brutality by young, allegedly educated, stupid idealists from our country, England and France. Their venom has invaded many areas and we are naive to think otherwise. We need to be diligent, not only in New York or California where rumors of impending dangers have surfaced, but also in every state, and we need to report suspicious activity to the local authorities regardless how insignificant something may appear to be.

When did man’s inhumanity to man disintegrate to such disrespect? Why do we hardly blink when parents kill their children when they can’t get along? Why do we load up guns to just fire them without rhyme or reason regardless of who the victim might be? Why would some laugh when a so-called respected elected official calls our President a liar at a public meeting?

This is not the respectful world I have lived 90 years in. What kind of world will the young children of today grow up in? It should be a matter of concern to each and every one of us.

Shortly after I finished this blog I learned about the beheading of the woman in Oklahoma. Please heed my warning. We cannot be too careful.


One thought on “What In the World?

  1. June, I so agree with your comments about guns and children. We worship guns in this country, for lots of reason but the main one being our history and how guns helped us settle the west and everything since then.
    I have seen lives of kids ruined by findiing a loaded gun and using it on a family member, often not in malice but accidentally. Many were very young, mere toddlers. Parents argue with me that they keep the guns and or amunition locked up and I think duh. These are the same parents who tell him how very bright their children are and they seem to think they are too dumb to figure out where they put guns, etc. NOT.
    I am writing on a bad day as answers seem so slow coming, if at all and I do not want to live without hope. I think my greatest fear and heartbreak are the parents and people I know who I thought were rational totally lose that rationality. Thanks for your good blogs. Pat

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