Has It Been Five Years?!?

A little over five years ago I wrote my blog about moving into my new home, Oxmoor Lodge, a retirement home.

It was not a decision I made without serious reservations. I am sure the concerns I had are the same questions some of you are wrestling with as the years began to take their toll. I want to share my honest assessment about those concerns.

Giving up my independence, taking directions from those in charge, boredom, and losing contact with my friends were a few of my concerns before making the move. I am sure there were other downers that I imagined but they were so unimportant I can’t remember what they were. Besides, not one of those fears materialized.

I still own my independence, those in charge have more to do than to give me directions – other than those that insure my peace, safety and contentment. Our activities director, Marissa Morrison, provides us with a zillion things to do or enjoy every day, most all day. She is the eighth wonder of the world. Our housekeepers, Linda Churchill, Eska Tapp and Sarah Fuller, are so much more then their title reads; they are caring angels. Our kitchen crew are magicians. When you can please one-hundred wonderful, would-be Betty Crockers and Emeril Lagasses most of the time, you must be a magician.

If you are thinking about a retirement home, please give Oxmoor Lodge consideration. You will not be sorry. At this time our managers are the best we have ever had. Our home office should definitely clone them. They are the most loving two people you will ever meet. Just ask for Tim and Sharon Hensley, stay and chat a moment, and you won’t want to leave.


2 thoughts on “Has It Been Five Years?!?

  1. June, I just want to say thank you for your kind words regarding Oxmoor and, especially, your comments regarding Sharon and me. You are a joy to be around and your enthusiasm for life is contagious. I can honestly say, we consider it a privilege to serve you and all of our other friends here at Oxmoor Lodge.

  2. I live at Oxmoor, also, and had the same fears June did. But, I really think it is the best place for me. I agree with all she said about the wonderful staff and would add I like and need the kind of architecture we have. It has a soaring dining room and atrium with lots of light. People who have narrowed their lives to a single apartment, etc. need this kind of openness in their living space. It is an opposite statement to the narrowing of life one. In many ways one could say it is a spiritual metaphor of what is to come.
    Also one of our treasures is June Key, who does lots of research and keeps us abreast of history. love you , June. Pat ramsey

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