Back To School

Today I am going to forget about all the violence happening around the world and write about a happy subject. It is August and a very exciting time of the year; the new school year is starting. All over America the school bells will be ringing. School supplies are flying out the merchant’s doors, teachers are making their rooms “kid friendly” and the yellow school buses are tuned up and ready to go.

Each year there is another group of “first” events, beginning with, in my opinion, the most exciting day; the first day of Kindergarten. My grandmother walked me to school that morning, 84 years ago, and upon reaching the school door, she lifted me up to reach the door knob and said, “As you open this door you will begin your lifetime of learning. Cherish each opportunity you are given and learn something new each day.” With this attitude, she gave me a gift – she let me know early on about the importance of school. We were able to share this love of education for as long as she lived, and I carried her valuable gift with me after she was gone. I encourage parents to always be positive when talking to their children about school. If you value school, I guarantee you they will value school.

Next, take every opportunity to get to know the parents of your children’s classmates – the kids that they spend most of their day with. Also take time to understand the rules of the school. Schools should be welcoming places and most are; but the priority in running a school is to maintain a calm and orderly atmosphere – one that is conducive to learning.

Last, but certainly not the least: join your school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Most membership drives start just prior to the beginning of school. The PTA of your school is the backbone of parent involvement in your school. The devoted members of your PTA make a huge contribution toward a school’s success in fulfilling its goals. The Parent Teacher Association was established in 1897 with a mission statement that remains their mission statement today: working to provide health, safety and the best possible education for each and every child. They are there behind the scenes and on the front lines, working with parents, teachers, school administrators and community leaders to make sure each and every child has the opportunity to excel to their fullest capacity. Please be a member and join your school PTA.


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