The pause that reflects?

There are days when I almost regret being an avid reader of the morning newspaper. In the last week the following news items appeared.

Somali troops retook the presidential palace in the capital of Mogadishu after militants forced their way in and exchanged heavy gunfire with troops and guards Tuesday, the latest attack underscoring the threat posed by Islamic extremist group al-Shabab in East Africa.

Iraq has told the United Nations that the Islamic State extremist group has control of a vast former chemical weapons facility outside Baghdad where 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin or their remnants were stored with other chemical agents. Iraqi’s U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim said in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon that “terrorist” groups entered the Muthanna site June 11 and seized weapons and equipment.

In Jerusalem, sirens blared Tuesday night, soon after the city announced that it was opening its bomb shelters “within hours” and that residents should prepare their personal or building shelters. Tel Aviv made the same announcement an hour earlier. Meanwhile in Ashkelon, many are waiting to see whether Israel wages an all-out war on Gaza. People are afraid to leave their house and afraid to leave their kids home alone. Israel, inching closer to outright war, mobilized up to 40,000 troops Tuesday for a ground invasion of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and fired intense aerial counter strikes into the region where rockets have been launched at Israeli cities.

Ukrainian security forces encircled and shelled separatist strongholds in the eastern cities of Donetsk and Luhansk on Tuesday, continuing a swift offensive to retake the center of the pro-Russian insurgency. Ukrainian Defense Minster Valeriy Heletey said earlier that there will be no cease-fire until rebels put down their weapons. Government forces launched a bombing campaign and a push to retake border crossings.

I am thankful we do not have our young men or women engaged in these horrendous wars that are annihilating the innocent men, women and children of these countries. And for what I ask? Power grabbing or just because they can? May I remind those you Adolf Hitler was a power grabber, one country after another. He also died in his bunker like a sniveling coward, taking his own life rather then face the consequences.

I wish we could designate a day at a certain time we could pause across America and have a prayer for peace in the world.


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