Picking and Choosing Battles

This is not an easy blog to write. My anger is so out of control. I do not take joy in extreme feelings, especially anger. If there is one mother or one father that could read or listen to the news about the three hundred girls that have been abducted from their school as they slept and not feel extreme anger, then may God have mercy on their soul.

Some girls have been held for three weeks by the terrorist organization Boko Haram, who has killed thousands of Christians (and Muslims as well as they try to enforce strict Islamic law). They have announced that they intend to marry these little girls to their members or sell them at the market place to be “used” however the buyer chooses.

This is happening in a conflict-ridden Nigeria. Edmond Keller, a UCLA political science professor, said that the west is more concerned about human rights in Ukraine, Syria and other world hot spots than in Africa, adding, “There’s a certain amount of racism involved in the tendency to look upon African conflict as being normal and being a part of the way Africans behave, as opposed to something whites need to be concerned with.”

What a tragic state of affairs that this warped sense of racism is still so prevalent in the minds and hearts of people – that hundreds of young girls, no different than your daughters or mine are only worth the barter they would bring at a street market.

The political powers (I’m looking at you America, Britain and France) must do what is necessary and bring those children home. We have put boots on the ground for reasons far less important than this.


One thought on “Picking and Choosing Battles

  1. You said it, Ms. Pundit. Nothing upsets me more than the photos of actors holding up those “Bring out girls back” signs and then….nothing. nothing in the news–we’ve gone past that cycle, apparently.

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