Super Glue Debacle

I had a stupid, frightful morning a few days ago. I was at my trusty iPad checking mail, comments, Facebook and playing Words With Friends and disaster struck. The black sponge tip of my stylus dropped out of the little metal ring that holds it in place.

I tried and tried to get it back in but it would not stay. Oh my, what to do? I did not have a spare. Then I remembered that I had recently bought a tube of glue. One of those, “I might need glue some day” purchases.

I proceeded to put glue on the sponge and metal ring, but it kept falling out. The only thing sticking was the sponge and stylus to my fingers which had more glue on them then the sponge tip did. I needed to get to breakfast, which was due to be served in fifteen minutes. I pulled, I put my hand in warm soapy water, and pulled some more. At this point I realized if I pulled the rubber tip off, the skin and I would part. Can you visualize the hand I hold my spoon to eat my cereal, hold my coffee cup, or my fork to eat my eggs now has a seven-inch stylus sticking out of the end of two fingers?

Well one thing is for sure, I will not ever lose my stylus again; it will be with me 24/7. Back to the task. I had no choice but to pull it off, and in the process, lose a little skin. Which is exactly what I did.

Now I had bleeding fingers and the ladies at my table wanted to know what happened to my two finger tips. I merely said,”You don’t want to know.”

For several days, every time I had to use that hand, I smiled secretly about my stupidity. But what the hay-I had never used Super Glue before, and I am not sure I ever will again, but I can tell you this:

“It Works.”


One thought on “Super Glue Debacle

  1. I had a similar wrangle with gorilla glue, and somebody told me to use nail polish remover. (had no time to verify this or to make certain it wouldn’t blow up when combined), but it did work. never buyng a big bottle of that glue again. Usually, I only need minute amounts.

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