Leave Him Alone!

Once more, greed, hardheartedness, and plain stupidity has raised its ugly head, railing against the interests of those less fortunate among us. It seems, more and more, it is becoming the M.O. of the cruel and uncaring that live among us to find forms of the media as outlets to spew their venom in, and, worse, get paid for doing it.

Just this week an idiot had his garbage printed in our local paper. I refuse to mention his name, because I do not give credence to such crap.

The Roman Catholic Church selected a most wonderful leader for not only the good of their members but for the good of the world. He is a true believer – committed to the belief that God meant for us to always care for brothers and sisters less fortunate then ourselves.

To accuse this gentle, caring man of any kind of leaning to any “ism” is blasphemy. The person who wrote this piece outlined Pope Francis’  “Marxist tendencies.”  (BLANK) is an idiot: perhaps he has never been hungry, cold, ill or without care, or perhaps he is just plain mean.

To set the record straight, I am not a Roman Catholic, I am a Episcopalian who was taught as long as there is one person in need we must all feel that pain and do all we can to right the wrongs of ALL in need.

May God continue to hold the hand of this great servant, Pope Francis, and those who share his love of all mankind, even those who have allowed their hearts to harden. All babies are born free of prejudices; how we live is up to each one of us.


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