I’ll Take Education

Ye Gods! Henny Penny, the sky is falling, the cow jumped over the moon, the end of the world is near. Your property tax increased ten cents for each $100 assessment. It will raise taxes ten dollars on a $100,000 home for the next year.

My rationale is if you are fortunate to own a $100,000 home you must be pretty well employed, come from a wealthy family, have won the Powerball or received a nice chunk of money, or you have a pretty good job, are pretty darn smart, and are pretty well educated.

Instead of acting like spoiled, windy brats, be thankful you received that darn good education to get that good job and be able to buy that $100,000 home.

Thank your lucky stars for a good public school system and don’t forget to thank a teacher whenever you have a chance.


One thought on “I’ll Take Education

  1. June Key, I enjoy your comments so much I have felt the same thing about taxes and education for so long. Sadly in our American culture, we value most those who can contribute to the financial base and kids can’t. But they deserve a chance to grow into being good citiizens and that takes our care while we leave them in schools. Having been a teache for many years, I have seen how much we have ha to struggle to get a share of the wealth to improve our schools. thanks for your intuitiveness and your level of caring. rave on more.

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