The real challenge

Several days ago our local newspaper ran an article about a group of local ministers asking for more scrutiny and openness on the contract talks concerning the contract between the Board of Education and the teacher’s negotiators.  They wanted to make sure the final contract was aimed at better education opportunities for children.

I was involved in our school system as a volunteer and employer for some 58 years. It has been the duty of the Board of Education’s elected members to serve as the fiscal managers of all financial matters, and it has accomplished this very well.

May I suggest that a much better use of the energy of all religious leaders in our fair city would be to devote a sermon from their pulpit every so often to parents so as to stress the following principles between them and their children:

(1)  Encourage a desire to embrace the love of learning.

(2)  Parents – make sure your children complete their homework each night.

(3)   Stress education as the pathway for a more prosperous life.

(4)  Make sure you and your children have a positive attitude about school.

(5)  And above all, respect your teachers. Our teachers today spend too much time teaching their students how to behave, how to take direction and dealing with other behavior problems that should be the parent’s responsibility. Teaching the lesson of respect would be a great contribution to the children who don’t know how to show respect now, to the teachers and to the other children in the classroom who have come to school to learn. Teachers want to teach – not be arbitrators, referees or  replacements for absentee parents.


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