If you woke up today and every bone ached, but you felt great,

You’re a Kentuckian.


If on the way to your destination you scraped your car against a brick wall, and you just laughed,

You’re a Kentuckian.


If you’re a little kid or a big kid and you got caught sneaking under the fence on the back side, and you just thanked the policeman for catching you,

You’re a Kentuckian.


If you waited for a crowd and a photographer to take your picture entering the Churchill Downs $20,000 Mansion Room,

You’re a visitor.


If you loved all the beautiful blooming flowers, even though they assaulted your sinuses,

You’re a Kentuckian.


If you could tell the difference between a real Mint Julep and a watered down one,

You’re a Kentuckian.


If you spend more time looking for the media then watching the horses,

You’re a celebrity.


If you know the most beautiful thing about the day is not the women, the flowers, the weather or the ambience, that it is the beautiful horses,

You are a true Kentuckian.


If you feel warm, and the temperature is in the mid 50’s and you are perfectly dry even though it is pouring down rain,

You’re a Kentuckian.


If the bugle’s sound calls the next race and you feel a chill down your spine,

You’re a Kentuckian.


And when the band strikes up,  “The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky Home…” and you can’t stop the tears, you know for dang sure,

You are a Kentuckian.


It’s the first Saturday in May, it’s Kentucky Derby Day!


One thought on “Derby!

  1. I laughed a lot. thanks for the good reminders. Esp. sentimental Derby with the winner being a deserving Kentuky horseman who had earned his spot in the limelight.

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