The many faces of violence

I am not writing this blog to question what violence is justifiable or not, only to remind us of the world we live in.

Violence: when one nation or dictator decides they don’t like the laws, customs, or political decisions of another nation. Their answer is WAR.

Violence: when one or more insane or mentally ill persons believe their eccentricities, beliefs or customs are being questioned. Their answer is to TERRORIZE.

Violence: when a parent becomes so angry, so frustrated they take their vengeance out on their child or children. Their answer is CHILD ABUSE.

Violence: when one child constantly harasses or abuses another child.  Their answer is to BULLY.

Violence, when one human being is employed to “throw the switch” on another. Their answer is that the subject is PAYING THEIR DEBT TO SOCIETY.

The list could go on if we noted the abuse of the elderly, nature’s violence, and the results of overlooked human errors.

We hear from many about how violent our world has become. My answer is our world has been violent since the beginning of time. The methods of violence are different but not less frequent. To speak incorrectly, your tongue could be cut out, to break some laws you suffered “on the rack” until your bones were broken or pulled apart, women were stoned to death if guilty of a domestic crime or just suspected of one. And gladiators were sacrificed to the lions or steel spiked iron balls until torn limb from limb.

Violence has always been at the core existence of the misguided, mentally ill, or mean-spirited. Will that ever change?

What can we do?

We live in hope and strive for a kinder more civilized world.


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