Into 5 and on to 89

From the lodge at Oxmoor… I just recently began my fifth year living at the Oxmoor Retirement Lodge. In life we make good decisions and we make bad decisions, we make stupid assumptions and have brilliant strokes of genius.

I would like to take full credit for my decision to leave my condo and move into the Oxmoor Retirement Lodge but it was not my idea. My children were getting very nervous about my living alone and rightly so. They made good points and I decided the least I could do was give them peace of mind and so I put the unfounded concerns I had aside.

I have always been an independent person, like most seniors. I was impressed with the Lodge; the rooms were spacious, the services as listed were more than adequate. So why was I hesitating?

The scary word was regimentation. The thought of three times a day, falling in line with the cane walkers, aluminum walkers, rotators or wheel chairs, almost drove me bonkers. But I soon got a lesson as my stamina waned and my ability to trot ahead of everyone gave way to joining the slow moving traffic. I was glad at times to have to slow to a stop to wait for others to move on so I could rest for a minute or two. I discovered, slow is not bad, it is a comfort to know I am in no hurry.

Once more, I can truthfully say, “Try it you’ll like it.” You may think you can’t afford it, however if you add all your expenses for the year, you will be surprised to find the costs are about dollar for dollar in both situations. The great difference is that your food is prepared and served for you, there no dishes to wash, linens are changed each week and your room is cleaned each week. A maintenance man is available to take care of your room needs, and the building needs. The corporate office makes every attempt to put the perfect fit of managers in our building.  The four managers we have now are a cut above the best we have had.

The managers keep the place running like a well oiled machine. Bruce, Beth, Jim, and Patsy are the best; you know they care and know they are sincere.

Last but certainly not least are the three housekeepers and weekday meal servers. Linda, Eska and Sarah are the most wonderful ladies you would ever want to meet. They are the three angels of Oxmoor Lodge.

Am I happy here at Oxmoor? You dang well betcha I am. This is my home. Like I said, some decisions are pure genius and I am so glad I am here. Although I had help in making the decision from my kids, the day I signed to move in was truly an epiphany.

I find, each day, a new reason to be here. Seniors in a setting such as this seek out those who need a little extra help. We try to help each other. Sometimes it is just a show of kindness.

This morning at breakfast, a lady, rather new to our lodge, gave out kind thoughts of Christmas. Although she has some problems she deals with, she went table to table and gave everyone a Christmas card signed “To my friend, from Lisa.”  Most have not even learned her name as yet, but what a kind thing to do.

Even at almost 89 years young I appreciate reading inspirational messages, like the following on our place mats this morning in the form of Christmas gift suggestions: ” To your enemy, forgiveness, to an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.”

Good health and Happiness, from The Pundit.


3 thoughts on “Into 5 and on to 89

  1. Good health and happiness to you Mrs. June! You are always a voice of reason and clarity. Many more appreciate your writing than you know. All best wishes in the New Year to one of my great inspirations.

  2. As a Community Sales Leader in our wonderful company, Holiday Retirement, I have found the good, bad, and ugly. I have truly been inspired and feel so proud that our fellow community has brought on such warm spirit in your life. You truly have spoken about the existence within a community like ours and while we are all different we are all striving to commit to our “family” as Oxmoor Lodge has for you.

    Thank you for your lesson June, you have made my world all the better with your words.

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