From the lodge at Oxmoor….I have waited until I had my anger in check before I wrote this blog. I waited until I read the stupid reply from the NRA and could wait no longer.

I was a forty-six year PTA volunteer in our local school system and a fifteen year employee of that school system. To advocate arming school personnel is absolutely insane. Why not go farther, arm every PTA volunteer and why stop there, let’s arm the President of the Student Council.  After all, students have better eyesight and are so much quicker on the draw.

When you think about some of the immoral reasoning of the NRA, you know the mentally ill are running the asylums.

I do not advocate taking guns away from legitimate hunters, who themselves say you are not a true hunter if you need a clip that can fire 20-30 or more shots in rapid fire. That is not hunting – that is wanting to rip your target into a hundred pieces. It does not take that kind of firepower to kill a deer, a rabbit or a pheasant. That kind of hunter just wants to see blood, blood and guts.

Let’s get sensible. We need to ban assault weapons, we need to outlaw multi-clips, we need to stop the proliferation of the easy, under-the-table illegal selling of these guns and clips at gun shows. We need additional funding and help for the mentally ill. We need to encourage parents and others to be more aware of the signs of despair, withdrawing and potential suicide.

What happens when a country has more people armed than not?  Annihilation, genocide, revolutions and mass hysteria. It only took the ranting of one man and the arming of, even, children in the Nazi police force, the S.S., to bring a mighty country down – by the annihilation of the Jewish and non-white population Germans were “taught” to fear.

Yes, I know you think it can’t happen in this great country. It has happened to larger, more powerful monarchies older than our young country. It is time for action, not senseless rhetoric. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water, let’s just use the soap and clean it up.


One thought on “GUNS-guns-guns-guns

  1. There is no difference between an AR 15 and a semi auto hunting rifle other than appearance and capacity. They both only fire one round with each trigger pull. The term an assault weapon can fire multiple rounds with one squeeze of the trigger. Appearance doesn’t make a weapon any more dangerous. My .45cal semi auto pistol isn’t any more dangerous than someone elses Colt “peace maker” which is also a .45cal. Sure they look different, but they both fire the same diameter bullet. The problem isn’t the guns, it’s the person behind them. The piece of paper that EVERY American Marine, Soldier, and Sailor swear to uphold and defend has the second amendment to protect the first amendment as well. Finally the last defense to tyranny is having a well armed civilian population.

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