Bye, Bye Texas

From the lodge at Oxmoor…

I have spent several precious hours trying to find a good reason why we should ask the ego-ridden State of Texas and the Texas kooks who signed to secede from the United States to stay, and you know what? I can’t think of one reason why they should stay. Now lots of other states have joined the stupid bandwagon.

I have never heard of a state wanting to secede from their country because their candidate lost the election. I know Texans think they are God’s gift to the world but using a reason like an election to leave the union is simply ridiculous. Are they going to come begging to rejoin us when or if a Republican is elected someday?

I think everyone in every state that signed those silly petitions should have to leave and spend one week in a country chosen for them. You would see so many crying babies wanting to come home to the USA to bask in the sunshine of true freedom it wouldn’t be funny. Do those of you, individuals or states, know how badly those of us that love our country in challenging times or good times just want to tell you to tuck your tail between your legs and run, run, run?

Good Lord – we stayed through the Bush years! Because an African American beat the crap out of you gives you cause to leave? Is it so hard to acknowledge that a man of color beat you again? Get over it, he won’t be the last. The so-called minorities, including women, Latinos, African-Americans and others are moving up the ladders of leadership and it is none too soon.

If you leave, I personally hope you won’t get to listen to or watch your Texas Aggies, be served your hot chili and barbeque or have your ego stroked by those foreigners. I have an idea you all would be laughing stocks.

I will gladly stay in my wonderful USA. Drink my Coke or Pepsi, eat my McDonalds or White Castles or (insert your CHOICE), listen to my favorite football or basketball teams from Kentucky and wave as you leave.


3 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Texas

  1. Wonder who or what we can use the state for , when they leave, June. LOL. I heard a joke ages ago about people dying and going to heaven and going up on an elevator and at one floor , the door opened and the St. Peter said, “shhhhhhh, these folks on this floor think they are the only ones here.” The arrogance of Texans, and yet I can recall how good people were to my family and to me when I visited my son when he was stationed in Killeen as a chaplain. Hope the good ones stay.

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