Pie in the Sky

From the lodge.

The article in this morning’s Courier -Journal paints a perfect example of the selfish millionaire – someone who gets his and his family’s health insurance provided along with his $2.7 million benefits package has found a way to refuse to provide his employees health care protection.

Shame on you Papa John Schnatter.

First we heard he would probably raise the price of pizzas by eleven to fourteen cents to help pay for health insurance for the chefs and delivery drivers. We heard not one complaint about the possible small raise. That small amount would not keep one from their favorite pizza. But according to the morning paper, Mr. Cheap “I’ve got mine, the hell with you” told students at Edison State College, near his vacation home in Naples, FL, that he’ll probably just cut the hours of his already low-paid employees and so will his franchisees.

Mr. Schnatter’s answer to a mandate to provide health insurance is to simply cut worker’s hours below thirty hours per week in an effort to get around the law. It’s a strategy that punishes those who can least afford it.

So. Now, as the article states, when his pizza chefs twist elbows flipping dough or his drivers catch colds walking to your door with pizza in freezing rain and end up in the emergency room, you’ll not only be paying for your pizza, you’ll be paying for their medical bills.

Mr. Schnatter doesn’t have to cut back employees’ hours to pay the $5 million to $8 million cost of  insuring his loyal underpaid employees. He is willing to give away two million free pizzas this football season to promote his image. At $10 a pop, that’s $20 million.

Mr. Schnatter, why not charge people for their pizza and promote Papa John’s as being one of the good guys who care about their loyal employees – you know, the people who made the money for you to have that nice vacation home in Naples, FL and the good life you and your family enjoy. Is it necessary to become a scumbag just because you achieve the American Dream?  If so, you can have it, I don’t want it.


4 thoughts on “Pie in the Sky

  1. Amazing that the son of a New Albany, IN pizza shop owner has no memory of what it means to struggle. I’m guessing his father could certainly remind him. I hope that there are huge numbers of protesters at every UofL home football game to remind fans what their benefactor thinks of his employees. I certainly have no intention of ever purchasing anything from Papa John Selfish or any of his franchisees.

  2. Thanks for your comment on the pizza blog. Do you think people who get rich off of the backs of their employees forget when they were there or is it the selfish gene that rules them? I can’t believe he honors his father with such behavior.

  3. I think there is a selfish gene in all of us. Fortunately, most of us have a kind and generous gene that is much more powerful. There are so many Papa Johns now that I have to think there was a major gene mutation in the last century. I’m guessing that John’s father is/was proud of his son’s success but not of the way he achieved it. Don’t get me started on retail establishments that are forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving!

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