You Only Live Once

From the lodge at Oxmoor—-for some months I have been writing serious blogs regarding the 2012 Presidential election. This morning the Courier Journal ran a rather lighthearted article about our James Bond portrayals and the James Bond movies. It gave me an excellent opportunity to be relaxed and a bit frivolous.

This opinion is in answer to Mr.Steven Rea, writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Mr Jeffery Lee Puckett, writer for the Courier Journal, Louisville, Kentucky. I do not know  Mr. Rea but I read every article Mr. Puckett writes and I respect his insight and talent for reporting on the music and complete entertainment field in our metropolitan area.

In spite of both of your expertise at writing and your right to your own opinion, I must say I think you are both wrong in writing that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond, by a small  margin, over my very favorite Sir Sean Connery. I of course have never had the privilege to talk to Mr. Ian Fleming and have him tell me that Mr. Craig is the closest fit to how he would actually envision his James Bond. Perhaps you two gentlemen had that rare experience.

Maybe it is your masculine take on the “shooting up” mindset that brings you to your conclusion. If so, then maybe it is my feminine take on the debonaire, suave demeanor  of Sir Sean that has forever affected my psyche. You see, he is the ten year old boy that pushed me down in the mud puddle so he could gallantly help me up because he was smitten by me, he is young pimple faced teen who was too shy to ask me to dance but told everyone else he wanted to, he is the fellow that I met, married and loved for all of our almost 60 years together. He is all of those wonderful memories that serve me daily  and remind me of a wonderful life.

And if that is not enough for me to choose Sir Sean Connery as the best ever James Bond, I hope both of you keep getting more handsome each year, just as my James Bond continues to do.


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