To My Loyal Blog Readers

I am pleading with you this morning. Please watch the third debate. What a victory for our President in debate number two.

Romney lied about the remark in the Rose Garden, he lied about the binders of women’s names he gathered when he had nothing to do with gathering those names. A group stated this morning their group (that works to improve women’s rights) gathered those names and the women he said he chose already worked in various government jobs at the time.

Why can’t he tell the truth? My son said when if all you listen to is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, all you hear is lies and that is what he tells.

As of this morning, housing starts are up higher than since the Bush debacle, stocks are on the upswing, and the picture is improving as I write. Let’s keep this progress going.

Who knew it would take four years to overcome the Bush mess?

However, President Obama has brought us out of a mild recession. I lived through a depression and the last four years are not even close to a depression or even a severe recession. Yes, we stood on the steps of Bush’s lack of leadership, wars we should never have been a part of and too many photo shoots of how Mr. Wonderful was solving all the problems… not!

Let’s show Barack Obama we are thankful he took on the challenge to begin to bring our great country back and give him the next four years to finish the task. He deserves that from all of us.

While he was fighting for us, Mitch McConnell went to war against him and we paid his salary for one year- not to do his job but to keep the African-American President from returning to the White House.

How wrong and sad is that?


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