Stump Speech

From the Lodge at Oxmoor…I have tried to keep in mind the important issues this Presidential election is all about. I hope in some way it has at least made you think about your future and the future of our country.

I have one more very important issue for you to think about. Have you thought about the ramifications if the Republicans are elected and have the selection of at least two new members they will name to the Supreme Court? I promise you the selections will be two or more hard-nosed, unrelenting conservative Republicans of Scalia’s ilk. Every right you cherish, every law that serves women, the poor, minorities and middle class will be wiped out or so weakened they will be useless.

Every issue I have tried to get you to learn about is important, however, the laws the Supreme Court can change or obliterate will be one step away from dictatorship. You or your children’s health, home, education, taxes, freedom of speech and anything else they want to wipe out will all be fair game. Please – I beg you before it is too late- don’t let these thieves destroy our democracy. So many have given so much to protect our rights, shall we do less?  Election Day is just around the corner and so are the choices you must make.  There is no excuse for stupidity; vote for the good of our country.  Vote for Barack  Obama and Joe Biden.


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