Be a Good American or Get Out

From the Lodge at Oxmoor—it is a beautiful morning in Louisville, Kentucky. The air is a little brisk, the bushes and trees are still green with just a leaf here and there to let us know Fall is just around the next bend in the road. The greens will turn to other pretty Fall hues and join the squirrels and other little creatures in their hiatus until we are awakened to the renewal of life that spring always brings. May we all survive the challenges of winters, cold temperatures, icy walks and snowy blasts.

In a very short time, we will be electing a President to lead our great country. It is my heartfelt wish that during and after the process we find the pride and respect to support our selection, whoever that will be. The past four years should be a perfect lesson, showing that rancor, disrespect and downright nastiness has done our country no good except to show how mean-spirited so many have become. It is my wish that if you really care about the future of our land and can’t be a team player, get out of the political arena.

I would like to remind you, if you have not read recent articles in our papers, of a little history that brought us to this point in the wonderful free country we live in.

Susan B. Anthony, the suffragist, fought for half a century for the right of women to vote. At age 86, in 1906, one month before she died, she traveled from New York to Baltimore to tell women one more time, and her last time, that “failure is impossible” in their struggle to win the right to vote. It was fourteen years later, long after her death, that women throughout America won that battle and the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified.

In 1964 the nation ratified the Twenty-fourth Amendment to the Constitution to outlaw the “poll taxes” that many southern states had enacted. This meant you had to pay a tax in order to vote. Such laws were meant to disenfranchise the poor and minorities and deny them the right to vote. President Lyndon Johnson noted as he signed the Twenty-fourth amendment into law that “there can be no one too poor to vote.”

However, today there are those who would turn back the clock and revive barriers to our basic right to vote via early voting changes and ID laws–specifically a threat to the elderly, the poor, minorities and students–and, in the process, undo almost a century of progress. Various lawsuits are before the courts in areas to stop this infringement upon our rights, but the time is short. Please use your voice to stop this outright crime from being perpetrated upon our fellow human beings. If we don’t stop this injustice the next injustice may well be one you will want us to fight for regarding you.

God bless our Government and God bless the United States of America.


One thought on “Be a Good American or Get Out

  1. Good reminder of what the Democratic party stands for . Thanks for your clear headed thinking and willingness to speak out. Not many days left until we vote. I hope those who like to pride themselves on “never voting, since both sides are less than perfect” will vote. Lincoln said, “If you turn your butt to the fire and get a blister, YOU have to sit on it .” The sad thing is that if we don’t vote , people will suffer even more. Obama and Biden cares. pat ramsey

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