Facts Are Not For Liars

From the Lodge at Oxmoor…

We are within two months of the 2012 Election for President and the wheels of law are turning very slowly for thousands of those who are law abiding United States citizens and yet are being denied the God given right to vote. This is a National disgrace.

Two significant ploys of one of the candidates are: 1) buy the election or 2) deny the obvious supporters of your opponent the right to vote by whatever unlawful scheme you can pull out of your despicable hat.

Mr. Romney, your ridiculous statement that middle class persons make $250,000 a year is so laughable, and your saying that everyone in the  middle class or lower are only looking for Government handouts is such a lie that it should make you sick at your stomach to even say either. We know you don’t believe in true facts, but to be such a blatant liar shames the good name of your father.

Do you and other members of your family send their Social Security checks back? Have you ever taken one dime from Medicare? If your answer is, no I don’t send my Social Security checks back and neither does my mother or other family members and/or yes, I or family members have taken Medicare help, then sir you have taken that dreadful entitlement money you complain about. I think that makes you a very rich liar.

In my church to lie is to sin. What is it called in the Mormon church?


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