Sister Simone Campbell

From the Retirement lodge at Oxmoor

I hope you watched the entire Democratic Convention. Just when you thought a speaker could not be topped another speaker would come to the microphone and either bring you out of your chair to your feet or cause a tear to come into your eye because of the passion he or she evoked.

Such a speaker was Sister Simone Campbell, the leader of the “Nuns on a Bus” group of Roman Catholic nuns who are traveling across the country. They are spreading the word to remember our country has always been the country who believed we share with the less fortunate. Sister Campbell was taught the principles of compassion and love for her fellow sisters and brothers and she has never forgotten those teachings.

This is what all religions used to teach, however it seems not just the Roman Catholic Church but all religions are becoming more of the ilk of “I got mine, you’re on your own.” I am sure most of you believe that is not true, because you hear the words on Sunday: you are your brother’s keeper. But what do you do about it on every day of the week until you feel good to hear it again on Sunday?

Our political leaders, for the most part have been compassionate leaders. Yes, we have fed the poor, we have provided a degree of health care, educational opportunities, and special care for children and senior citizens. Now we have those who want all forms of assistance eliminated for those who need help most.

Sister Campbell has been criticized, and harshly told to cease her campaign of compassion by the hierarchy of her own church.  Her answer has been “I will not be silenced.”  Thank you Sister Simone Campbell, as an Episcopalian I salute you. Stay strong, my prayers are with you as you and your fellow bus mates continue to travel on this journey of love, caring and compassion. May God hold you all in his arms and keep you safe.


One thought on “Sister Simone Campbell

  1. I was moved by the good sister’s speech, also. My church is at the forefront of social justice issues and is not that in name only. Joe Phelps is known for being that kind of pastor and he has always encouraged us to involved . well written, June Key.

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