Sharon Whitworth

Recently I received a phone call that made me immediately begin writing this blog. The caller was my dear young friend Sharon Whitworth. Sharon followed me in Community Relations work for the Jefferson County Board of Education.

Sharon was informed that she is one of twelve people being recognized by our President. She was chosen to honor her contributions to education and her driving desire to work for the best for all children.

I never doubted for one moment the talents of this young women.  She is smart, she is so honest and forthright and you never question her loyalty.

She has devoted nearly 40 years to the work of the Jefferson County Public Schools and the Parent Teachers Association with but one goal – to make the education of every child a priority.

She has worked extremely hard to help parents understand the benefits of being involved every day in the education of their children. She has trained countless parents to become leaders.

She has worked like a demon to learn the ins and outs of legislation and has become a very knowledgeable force in Frankfort, talking with our legislators about any subject or law that affects children.

Sharon is just as gifted as a wife, mother and grandmother. It goes without hesitation that I say I have never been prouder than I am now to learn of this recognition, which she so richly deserves.  Love you child.


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