This Is What You Get

From the lodge at Oxmoor…..this blog will not be long.  It doesn’t need be.

Baby boomers and those younger—-if you are a female, and the most frightful ticket for President/Vice President, the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan combo is elected, you are in deep doodoo. Every right that women have fought for will be in jeopardy or taken away from you.

Paul Ryan is no friend of women in any and all regards. Read his opinion and stand on women’s ability to know what is best for them and their body.

Now to my fellow seniors. True, our current Medicare and Social Security systems may not be fooled with for those of us already in the programs, however, I don’t trust them to not mess with it. One fact I am sure of: my and your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will never see the Social Security and Medicare benefits we enjoy. They are the ones supporting us, yesterday, today and tomorrow with their contribution into those programs every week out of their paycheck.

It is our duty, out of love and concern for our younger family members, that we not let these budget thieves get elected. When my grandchildren are ready to retire I want them to be able to live with dignity and care just as I have. I owe them no less than that.

Let us not be the sweet mother or grandparent to their faces as we stab them in the back, by jeopardizing their future.

And last, but not least, if our health care plan is destroyed as both Romney and Ryan want to do, our “doughnut hole” protection that President Obama’s health plan closed to protect us from catastrophic drug cost will once more be opened. I don’t need to tell you what that will do for your prescription costs.

Please, please, be informed. If you are having problems with your sight, have someone else read to you the Romney/Ryan positions on all these important issues that affect you and your family’s future.

And, young people sit down with your parents, grandparents or senior members of your family and help them understand the danger that could lay ahead for them and, especially, you and your family, please!


2 thoughts on “This Is What You Get

  1. well said!!!!!! I am going to fwd this to my children….who already agree but need to see it is a senior view….pat ramsey

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