Oxmoor Angels

In a number of writings I have mentioned Oxmoor Retirement Lodge, where I live, and what a great place it is to retire to. It is a large beautiful structure in the East End of Louisville, Kentucky. The interior is a bit old world, a bit Southern and there are many touches of art; paintings and sculptures abound throughout the halls. The building has over 100 rooms and a row of cottages across the driveway. The rooms are very well designed for efficiency and comfort.

There are two managers and two co-managers on duty at all times. They rotate through the Holiday Retirement communities around the country. The managers are well trained for their work with senior citizens. Having said all that, there are some other very special people that are the heart and soul of Oxmoor Lodge.

First is our housekeeping staff. Until recently, our three housekeepers and daytime Dining Room Servers were Linda Churchill, Eska Tapp and Sara Fuller, three of the most caring individuals you would ever want to meet,. Sara is on leave until she has her baby and then I think we shall see her return. We have some new young ladies filling in who seem to be cut from the same special caring fabric. The young men who usually work the evening hours are also special, respectful people.

I have never seen more devoted, hard working ladies than Linda and Eska. It takes special people to keep a smile on your face and a willingness to always be kind and caring to those you serve, especially when their ages are mostly the eighties and up, reaching to the nineties or one hundreds. I am in that bracket and I know we can be pretty crotchety and grumpy at times, but these ladies smile and try to make us happy. Believe me, people who work with seniors all the time have earned some jewels in their crown and stars in their halos.

The other young lady who provides smiles, fun and entertainment for us almost round the clock is our Activities Director Marissa Morrison. Marissa works non-stop to provide activities for everyone to take part in or to just sit and watch others. If Marissa could be cloned I believe there would be a Marissa Morrison in every one of the Holiday Retirement Homes. Even though I have been a quasi aunt to Marissa since she was born that is not prejudice talking – she really is that good. Ask any resident here and you will hear the same accolades.

Sometime we get carried away with our personal situations and forget the ones that make our daily life so enjoyable, so this is what I want to do: give praise to those who like us, warts and all.


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