Ugly Beauty

From the Oxmoor Lodge….what a wonderful opening to the Olympics 2012.  I had not given serious thought to doing a Blog about the Opening Ceremonies until I heard some criticism in the dinning room at lunch.

Remarks like “Oh it was ugly, it wasn’t colorful like last time.” “The colors were dull…” and so on. The entire significance of Mr. Boyle’s presentation was lost to these people. If it was color, glitz, and bling you were looking for, maybe you were disappointed. But the portrayal of the significance of the Industrial Revolution in England and the British Isles was a miracle to behold.

It was a movement that changed the world of work and survival for the citizens of the entire country. It also served other countries to show them what hard work, and people’s dreams can accomplish. From the miners in the Welsh valleys to the industrialists in the motherland, their vision of independence has served them well.

Britain was a country struggling with religious strife between Catholicism and the Church of England that caused serious splits between reigning families and was a time of violence to their families. In time the rancor was settled and the future of the British Isles and their proud people moved forward to establish a country that would be a world power to be reckoned with and a model for young countries to utilize. The Industrial Revolution was the king pin for that survival in a new world.

What his opening ceremony portrayed in part wasn’t pretty, it was steel, it was coal, it was smokestacks, it was masonry: it was the world of self reliance and it was beautiful.

Britain provides it’s families with Health Care; it is a country who takes care of its people – not just the richest but also the poorest. That comes with sacrifices, but the people are willing to do what it takes for every one to be respected.

I, as one American, salute you Mr. Boyle – you gave us much to remember and England and its Isles a great tribute.


One thought on “Ugly Beauty

  1. Well said, as always! It was a beautiful opening ceremony, much like going to the opera, pure art!

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