Apologies From the Bluegrass State

From the lodge at Oxmoor……I read a most heart-wrenching Letter to the Editor in the Courier-Journal on July 5th from a senior who has lived in the city of our government, Washington, DC. I shall quote her in several parts of this blog because she has stated her case with so much passion that no one could do it better or more sincerely.

She begins her letter (and I quote):”Last week while everyone focused on health care, the citizens of Washington, DC, capital of the greatest country in the world, received again a boot in the face; this time, from your Sen. Rand Paul. As you may know Sen. Paul attached a rider to piece of legislation that would have given our city increased control of our own budget. This is the sort of control exercised by every other city in the country. The Senate Committee, headed by Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, fully expected it to go through without problem. Then came Sen. Paul, whose rider was totally unrelated to the budget legislation.”

First, apologies to the writer, Ms. Cathryn Carroll, for our state of Kentucky having electing such a mean spirited, stupid little jerk. I abhorred the thought of his running for office, much less getting elected. It just proves, apparently, that there are far too many illiterate people here – those who elected him to office. He is nothing but an embarrassment to the good folks that live in our state. I sincerely apologize for his stupidity. His stupid little reason was that “he attached the rider, just because he could.” That is the service we are getting by paying this fellow to be in Congress.

Mrs. Carroll continues: “We have been disenfranchised since the early years of the republic when representatives delineated an area that now is home to 600,000 plus people and decided we would not have representation in the national legislature that they created. In fact, we could not even vote for president until 1960…As a retired grandmother who still teaches part time, I love the city where my husband and I live. I love its history. I love its monuments. I love the river that runs by it and the trees which line its banks. I love the young folk who play games of touch football on the grass by the Smithsonian. I love the tourists who come with their children and walk about to wonder and reflect. Plus, I am too old to move. So I am constantly angered and saddened that my neighbors and I have no voting representation in the legislature of our nation — and that Americans in other parts of the country do not seem to care.”

She goes on to say that she would hope that people, especially Kentuckians, would write Sen. Paul and let him know to keep his nose out of a city 600 miles away from his state. You can bet the farm that I shall write and through this blog I ask my readers to do the same. I shall also appeal to other legislators to get your legislation presented and passed. Thank you Ms. Carroll. You have certainly given us a wealth of information and I hope you will see it happen. God Bless and take care. June Key, The Pundit


One thought on “Apologies From the Bluegrass State

  1. Omiiiigosh! Here I am doing my little check the student papers thing…and when I tried to goggle up on of their authors and couldn’t find him, I wondered how good goggling up names could be. So I tried Cathryn Carroll. And, lo, this totally lovely site appeared.

    Big thank you, dear writer.

    I’d forgotten that letter that you so kindly, gently, and effectively reproduced. It made me feel like maybe I should write some more.

    Now I’m going to poke around your site. It looks like a very exciting place.

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