All Hail Our Patchwork Quilt

From the lodge…… several days ago, the morning edition of the Courier Journal brought me my Blog subject for today.

“Obama lifts deportation threat for children who came to U.S.”

This is one of the issues from the Dream Act, but a very important part for children whose parents brought them to this great country for  more opportunity.

Even though they have grown up in the United States as illegals, this is the only country they have known. They have had to pursue their life, their work and their education under threat of deportation.

“This will give young people an opportunity to finally come out of the shadows, so they can study or join the military and contribute to our society…this is extremely significant,” said the Rev. Antonio Aja, coordinator for Hispanic/Latino Ministries for the Mid-Kentucky Presbytery. He said the number of people affected in Kentucky could reach the thousands.

A student attending the Jefferson Community and Technical College said the new policy will allow her to pay for her education, pursue a career and have a better life. A student attending the University of Louisville said when she heard the news on Friday, she was hopeful and relieved. “I wanted to cry,” she said. “The dream my parents had when they left Mexico 17 years ago is finally becoming a reality.”

Of course the Republicans were opposed, but what else is new from the party of “NO”.  If it doesn’t help make the wealthy richer then we have to vote NO.

We should all remember, unless all of your forefathers were full-bloodied Indians, most likely driven to the reservation by “newcomers,” you too are a child of immigrants who came here looking to improve the lives of their immediate families and those who came further down the line. You only have to research your family tree to find your predecessors came to this country with the same hopes, visions and desires for success as today’s immigrants, so what makes you judge or jury against someone seeking to better themselves?

Let’s get the rest of the Dream Act moving in the right direction and welcome all who cherish the desire to be U.S. citizens; welcome all to join with the rest of us and move our country forward.

Generations before me, my relations sailed on ships full of immigrants and they loved and respected this country with every fiber of their being.  So, welcome to our country, each and every one!


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