The State of My State

From my home, Oxmoor Holiday Retirement Home…

First I must ask: where have we Kentuckians screwed up so badly? How did we go from real intelligence to gross stupidity? Please, we need our Alben Barkleys, our John Sherman Coopers, our Marlow Cooks. They were not just politicians; they were good men who wanted, foremost, to help their fellow human beings. They never forgot to be honorable. We have replaced these men with stupid idiots of the ilk of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.

I quote, from a recent article that ran in the Louisville Courier-Journal, “Rand Paul’s Cynical Budget” by Dana Milbank, some of the highlights from his proposed budget.

“The Tea Party darling’s plan would, among other things, cut the average Social Security recipient’s benefits by nearly 40 percent, reduce defense spending by nearly $100 billion below a level the Pentagon calls “devastating,” and end the current Medicare program in two years–even for current recipients, according to the Senate Budget Committee staff. It would eliminate the education, energy, housing and commerce departments, decimate homeland security, eviscerate programs for the poor, and give the wealthy a bonanza by reducing tax rates to 17 percent and eliminating taxes on capital gains and dividends.”

He is such a weasel with no moral conscience that he came to the press conference and, like a slimy snake, slipped out of the room before questions could be asked.

Seriously, my friends, he is putting out feelers to run for President in 2016. I have one ace in the hole – I will be 88 years old next month. The odds get better each year that if such a tragedy should occur I have a better than even chance to escape that horror. If I have outlived the odds and reach my 90’s I shall continue to use pen, pencil or iPad to write the facts and the truth to try to bring about the defeat of the varmints that live under the rocks of injustice, stupidity, and selfishness.

I understand that government affairs and politics are not, for many of you, your favorite reading material but I ask you, no I BEG you, to increase your interest in both. As I have said many times, our country has been served well with the structure of the Democratic, Republican, and Independent parties. Please do not let the cult-like naysayers hijack a Party and steal our great country in the process.


3 thoughts on “The State of My State

  1. My father, Eastern Ky. Democrat, (practically unheard of in the mts.) always voted for John Sherman Cooper, who was a Republican, as did I. You are right, the ilk of his type of politician is fading fast. good writ.

  2. I met Senator Cook in about 1960 and have never forgotten him. I’m proud to say that I, too, left the Republican Party after having been born into a family whose hero was Teddy Roosevelt.

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