Doing the Rite Thing

From my home, Oxmoor Retirement Lodge….

Well my President has done it again.

He searched his soul, talked to his daughters and made the decision to support the union of same sex marriage. He once more is showing his inner strength by standing up for those who have had to struggle for acceptance from the cold-hearted, one-dimensional people who have set themselves up as judge and jury for mankind.

Just as with other changes and evolutions in society that have been harshly judged by these same people, I would suggest they quit trying to speak for all as to what is right or wrong. Whether it is you, me, or anyone, only God will decide who is/was a good Christian or not. Certainly not those of you who think you have that right. I find it so pathetic that Love has been found to be so evil in the minds and actions of some people. It makes me believe they don’t know what the true meaning of love really is.

I applaud each and everyone of you who have fought or are in this fight to be with the one you love. There is no greater feeling then to love and be loved by that special person. I wish for each of you to keep the faith and to know there are people who share each step forward with you as beautiful steps of progress for all of us.

Cherish and live your life with beauty, kindness and love. Try to have compassion for those who have shown you so little. We are all children of God and, as his children, we shall try to forgive the hate and ugliness that fills the hearts of some.

And, as Americans, for those of us that truly believe “All men (and women) are created equal” this is one more ridiculous barrier we shall eliminate. Again, thank you President Obama and thanks to Sasha and Malia!


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