A Tale of Two “Men”

From the Oxmoor Retirement Lodge….

By now, you know I love to write. I enjoy seeking out happy occasions, however, life and news is not always a bowl of cherries. Sometimes the pits are still there, hidden from unknowing eyes.

I have become more aware with passing days how many of those we hold in high esteem are themselves images of deception, greed, thievery, infidelity and loss of respect. This is true of most every area of human endeavor. It is not limited to one political party, one sports team, one high-ranking business person, even one religious denomination or educational entity.

At present, our local newspaper is printing information about two examples. One, a young Democrat so popular, so charismatic that he was a candidate for President of our United States, the other a young rising star of the state Republican Party and a recent Lt. Governor candidate for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The Democrat had the ability to talk to people in a caring, compassionate way that made many embrace him. This young man was not without financial means. He had, it appeared, a good life, fine family and a promising future. If you are like me, you wonder why he threw all this away. The sad part is, he lost his wife to cancer, but not before she knew of his infidelity and other misdeeds. His children are now faced with the possibility of their father, if convicted on mishandling of political funds, being given a long prison sentence.

The Republican case is just as tragic. This young man was given a future on a silver platter. He was an outstanding athlete from our very prominent State College. He received scholarship help I am sure lots of good kids would love to have had. Problem was, they could not bounce a basketball as well or shoot baskets quite as accurately.

These are just two stories where the door was held wide open and someone was given a free pass at money, a promising future, and adoration, yet, they did not have the brains, nor the character to appreciate the gift they were given.

I have very little sympathy for any and all that throw opportunity down a black hole, for they have deprived some good, honest person of an opportunity they would love to have had. I hope those in authority will continue to clean up their organizations. In the end it should be about honor, not about the final score.

Why is this becoming, it seems like, an every day occurrence? I don’t believe that the country is losing its moral fiber, as the naysayers are prone to say. I think there have always been those who thought they were beyond the reach of the the laws of the land and the laws of common decency. In spite of their successes up to a point, I think if you look deep enough, you will discover they were not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They got lucky for a while, but only stupid people stop the elevator at the 13th floor.


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