Pundit Reporting For Duty

From the Oxmoor Lodge retirement home, back to the scene of the crime and so happy to be home.

I am still far from back to normal and I am sure that will take some time but time I got and patience I will have to embrace. So far I can get up from my chair (a new lift chair). And walk a few feet. I have been getting my meals in my room but I shall try to use my walker and go to the dinning room tomorrow. I can’t go by myself yet, but I hope to soon.

The hole in my head is still not closed but it is getting there. I have almost no hair but that will return. So there you are.

I want to thank all my well wishers, those I know and those who have come into my life as Blog readers. You are all very special to me. Bless you each and everyone! Susan, Richard, Marian, Patty and all the rest of my dear PTA friends – you mean so much to me. My soul mates Iris, Bill, Vanessa, Sharon, Marlene, Ginnie, Bob, Jane, Chuck, Marlene and Nonie, we are still intact. In a future blog I shall write about my constant care givers.

None of us ever know what we will face in life. As we age and normal is no longer normal and life becomes invaded with unwelcome challenges, we find the well wishes and love of family and friends are what brings you through. Never, never take either one lightly. I will survive, and although my life will be different I will embrace each moment as I have always tried to. We all have so much more to learn, so much more to experience and so much history yet to make. Each day brings new developments in science, health, politics, human understanding and so much more. We can and should welcome it all in our mind, heart and soul. What a world, what a time to be alive, and to grab a share of living. Until next time, take care and care for each other.


2 thoughts on “Pundit Reporting For Duty

  1. Glad yu are better
    Beendealing with my mom she was in hospital for 16 days. She had pneumonia

  2. SO GLAD you are back home- and I know you are glad about that! Hummm… hole in head? I won’t touch that line! Hahaha! Seriously, it shall heal. It just seems like it takes forever!

    Now, remember what you said about those with walkers, and SLOW DOWN! No running over others on your way to the dining room or the mail box!

    Take care, June, and keep on posting! Susan and Richard

    (PS June, you are my mentor, my inspiration and you keep me grounded, reminding me of the things that are important! THANK YOU! Susan)

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