Hard Heads are Good for Something

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From the lo……big mistake….from the rehab building..WHAT the heck is going on…I want to be at the lodge.  Well I guess I have to wait a while longer.

By now I am sure you have probably heard or read, “Miss I can do what I need to do without any one’s help” struck out, big time. The details are a bit mixed up to say the least. I took a few innocent steps out of my daughter’s car and they tell me I fell backwards and cracked my head open on the car’s running board. (Junior Pundit adds: and the concrete also!) Sometime later I was told I decided or fate decided to return me to the scene of the crime.  At that moment all I heard was “Mother come back, come back. Mother come back” over and over. It was Tara holding my head and getting somewhat covered with blood as I was making quite a mess at the front door of Oxmoor Retirement Lodge, my home.

Soooo, my friends let this be a lesson for all of us. We all need help as we graciously and wisely grow older, but that’s OK! When our kids were babies we had to shepherd them away from dangers and now we must allow them to return the good deed.  

Now, if you have been crotchety and cranky in your latter days and you bump your head real hard, you may not hear “Come back mother” but odds are you will. Help we need and help we must be willing to accept. If I had waited and let Donna walk with me I would have saved myself some real deal suffering. And my three kids much anxiety.

The reward for my folly is a lacerated elbow with stitches and staples both inside and out.  And a head wound much bigger than I want to see. With stitches inside and staples outside that still cannot be removed because as I turn in bed at night I am still weeping blood. Not a pretty sight! The black and blue places too numerous to count and the sore spots seem to be fighting for recognition. The aches I didn’t bring with me the therapists are developing.

My five therapists are the nicest people, but by the time we walk down one hall to their work room they change into body crushers and return to nice people when they are finished with you. In all of this combined they say I am making good progress. They estimate I will be here for about four more weeks.

Well I guess you pretty much have the picture of how the old Pundit got knocked out of spring planting season. No potatoes in Idaho or corn as high as the elephant’s eye – just putting the old body back together ’til she’s good as new.

Thanks for all the get well wishes and thoughts of better days ahead.  


10 thoughts on “Hard Heads are Good for Something

  1. June! So good to see you are abloggin’ again! You take care of yourself and don’t push it! Rest while you can!
    Susan and Richard

  2. I’ve suggested that my dad wear a football helmet at all times. I don’t know that he’s following my instructions, in fact I’m pretty sure he’s not, but at least I’m thinking about his safety. When you get home you might want to consider blinging out your own head protection! Get better and get home soon!

  3. Hello June!! I am so glad your semi- in action. Sure hope you are feeling better real soon. I don’t say it often enough but I LOVE your blogs. Love You ~~Marian

  4. June,
    Sorry to hear about your accident but glad you are able to tell the story in such a delightful way. Take care of yourself and listen to your kids!

  5. Dear June, I am sure glad to hear you are on the mend. That clearly was a terrible experience for all of you. Your blog is a welcome sight and your recovery even more.
    Best wishes for continued improvement. Thanks for writing. Rebecca

  6. Hi there! You do not know me, nor I you, but what you say is very true. I work as a CNA in northern california and letting us help is what we do. I cannot imagine how it feels to have others helping you when you have been independent your whole life, but I know that when it is my time, I will be more than happy to let my daughters pitch in with it.
    Many injuries happen when we get older because we don’t want to let others help us, we want to do it by ourselves, but balance changes and our bones are not as tough as they use to be.
    I am glad that you are on the mend and working with all who are attending to you. Just remember they are put there to help. It is up to you to accept that help.
    My husband shared this with me, and I am glad that he did. Take care, and God bless.

  7. I have been praying for you Marlene says she is too. I just got back from Washington and will try to come and see you

  8. Aunt June , glad to see you’re back at it again. It’s hard to keep a good woman down. Hope you’re feeling much better now and will be back on your feet real soon. Love, Germaine & Bob

  9. I am so happy to hear you’re recovering and swiftly on your way back to hale and hearty. Your missives always make me stop and think, often times smile, and once or twice shed a tear, but from the good kind of cry.

  10. What got me last week was not being able to get out of the bathtub. Scared the heck out of me, and I forgot everything I ever learned about getting up off the floor 25 years ago. a brazilian friend who was a dancer taught me to get on my hands and knees and stand up from there. in the bathtub? sure. same principle, sort of. you’re very right, Ms. Pundit! We need to take advantage of all the things and people who can & will help us.

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