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Seriously folks, please listen to all the candidates; one of them will be our country’s leader for the next four years and their decisions will most likely have an effect on your life in some way. Consider the pros and cons when we have a House and Senate that will not cooperate with the President.

This past few years have been the most uncooperative in many years and our President has tried to make real progress. In spite of the road blocks, he has accomplished so much. Mr. President, I am sure it was very disheartening to hear the Republican majority leader state publicly that the only thing he wanted to accomplish this year was to get you out of the White House and make sure you were a one term president.

Thousands out of work, homes in foreclosure, a staggering number of starving children, and seniors trying to decide either to eat or buy their medicine. Mitch McConnell, is that what we paid you for this year?

I really want to be as positive as I can throughout the months ahead. I love all aspects of politics, except the mean spirited part. I understand that it is a part of politics, but there is no place where being disrespctful is right. I have been honest with my readers; I am a Democrat. The day McConnell made his public statement I got my Obama button from the ’04 campaign out and pinned it on and I have worn it every day since.

We listen to the candidates tell us we must govern today using rules, regulations and laws that were put in place by our foundling fathers. The laws were to serve a different time, a different kind of world. This is now and here and the progress we have all experienced in our lifetime makes us a different people. We must change our game plan, we must progress with and for the new world we live in today. One thing is sure, we cannot live by laws put in place in the 1700’s. We cannot and should not stop progress, although candidate after candidate talks as if our brain power has abdicated us and we must follow the guidance of our first patriots.

They also would have us believe our country was established on faith and godliness. I take some exception to that also. Our country was established by people of faith and non-believers also. I believe God’s part in making this country great is giving all of us as a people the talents, the brains and the strength to accomplish the seemingly impossible.


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