A little help from your friends

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From the lodge….the holidays, the shopping, the gift wrapping and family holiday gatherings are all behind us and we have welcomed 2012. Each of us, I am sure, has spent some minutes wondering what the new year will mean for us. Some of us will make the usual New Year’s resolutions, some have plans that will be life changing and some have no plans except to greet each day with hope and a smile, ready to meet what happens with the best we can offer.

I tend to be in that last group, mainly because I have realized for some time that at my advanced age I have very little control as to what the next challenge will be or when it may present itself. That in itself is not all bad. Some days it is life as usual and some days a complete surprise. I have had a few new challenges that I am trying to work on solutions for. If you are in what I call the advanced years of aging, you may be meeting some of these surprises.

Our dining room here at the lodge has very comfortable chairs, however, in the past week or so I am having a bit of trouble getting up and out of the chairs because the chairs are on rollers. As I look around the room I observe others having the same problem. Usually someone rushes to hold the chair so it does not move as one attempts to get up. As I have joined the group that has experienced some small obstacles to overcome it is a reminder to be more aware that we need each other on occasion to make life a bit easier.

Also, if you are in the presence of an elderly person whose hearing is impaired and may even wear hearing aids, don’t assume that the problem is solved. I wear a hearing aid but it is only able to be of some help. If in a noisy place, be aware and speak slowly and as clear as possible. For in most cases, persons with very little natural hearing live in a world of silence. It is something you adjust to and it is a good day when I can understand my conversations with my kids when they call on the phone. I know it is hard on them trying to make me understand but no less than my trying to understand them.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: be aware of the problems of others, be it family members, friends or complete strangers. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and assistance.

Bank your good deeds, it may be the best interest-bearing saving account you can have to draw on. Kind deeds and kind thoughts for each of you during the coming year.


3 thoughts on “A little help from your friends

  1. Happy New Year 2012 to you June Key. Thank you for your continued sharing of wisdom throughout the last year. I always look forward to reading your thoughts, and since I am back in Louisville looking after my 85 year old father, was appreciative of your latest post regarding challenges of the elderly and how to be sensitive to those.
    You continue to be an inspiration!

  2. Hello, I so glad you are writing this column.

    I talked to my mom, who lives with you at the lodge. She had a tip about getting out of the chair that is on rollers. Verna said if you push down on the chair before getting up, it keeps it from rolling.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi June, just found you on the web. I love reading your column. When I have time I am going back to all of them to read. I bet there is alot of insight in them. I miss you all so much. Wish we could all get together again.
    Can I come and have lunch sometime with you


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