Thinking Ahead

From the lodge…..what a bright, beautiful morning in Louisville. I promised to write about good stuff at least once a month and the news on the economy is getting better although very slowly. The  unemployment numbers have dropped a bit, the stock market looks healthier, house sales improved a bit and the Christmas shoppers were out in force and buying. The merchants seem pleased with the columns in the ledger.

The president stood his ground and was victorious in keeping unemployment payments, payments to doctors via Medicare and the tax cuts in effect, at least through February and then the battle begins again. Please stay aware of what is going on in Washington and take time to let your legislators know your feelings.

Next year will be a very important year. I will make every effort to be fair to all sides. However, I have always been honest: I am and always have been a loyal, liberal democrat. I still believe the Democratic party shows much more concern for the middle class and the poorest among us and the Republican party is very much into taking care of the wealthy. I just hope we can keep it respectful and park the mean spirited rhetoric out of the fray.

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and, as you gathered around the table, all your chairs were filled and no one was missing. How wonderful that our military were with family once more, at least from Iraq; now if only we can get the rest home. I pray they are protected until they are all home.

I hope good health will be with you this coming year, and good fortune will cross you and yours. We will all have challenges to meet and decisions to make. May you meet your challenges head on and make good decisions. Take time throughout the coming year to remember to stay in touch with family and friends. Also give at least one stranger a friendly hello and a smile each day because it may be the only smile they will see that day. I will send you a smile via my blogs and I am grateful to you who are readers – as I like to say, you are the ones who put words on the blank pages.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead

  1. Wise advice for all to see. My favorite stories are the ones from your past. Maybe you can tell us a Christmas memory to enjoy with you again.

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