Rounding up the year, looking to the next.

From the lodge on a cold frosty morning…

I will have to put aside my mornings on the porch by the creek. I will have to find another place to sit alone without distraction to meditate. Even though I am more a spring and summer person I relate to the fall and winter as a time to give my body, mind and soul a chance to recharge and to prepare for the new year ahead. Take time to check your 2011 ledger and evaluate your pluses and/or minuses for the year.

Ask yourself some hard questions.

#1. Have you tried to be more tolerant of those who are different than yourself?
#2. Have you offered nonstop advice to family and friends even though they just want to know you are there if they need you?
#3. Have you been a good steward for your country or have you joined the disrespectful group of self-called patriots?

The wonderful advantage of a new year is that you have a clean slate. The year 2012 is on your doorstep. Let us each decide to be kinder, to think before we speak words that hurt, and check each morning when you look in the mirror and make sure you like the image looking back at you.

I wish for each one of you a year full of personal reward, good health, and the strength to make good judgements as needed to meet mental, physical and personal challenges.

As for me, I approach the coming year, my 88th, with optimism. I vow to write about something positive that happens each month. I anticipate a crackerjack year in 2012. I want you to know I appreciate each one of you who read my Blogs. Without you the paper is blank.

I wish you and your family a blessed holiday and a wonderful New Year.


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