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Today there were several things that bothered me after reading the morning paper. Sometimes you have a lot to say about what’s currently on your mind and sometimes just a few words gets it off your mind for a while. I have a few observations about some such events.

The first one is about our Governor Steve Beshear. His opponent in the current race for governor said he should not have attended a Hindu service because Hindus are not Christians. Mr. Williams hasn’t learned the difference between respecting each person’s religious beliefs and trying to force others to embrace his religious calling. Was it really about the Hindu religion or the fact that the person who is Governor Beshear’s running mate, Jerry Abramson, and beating Williams ticket to shreds is Jewish and one of the smartest politicians to come down the pike in many years. I think I know the answer to those questions. Regardless, Mr. Williams owes all of us an apology for being such an ass.

The next subject is about the Louisville Orchestra, or about the serious financial straits the orchestra finds itself in. On any given day you can read about the poor management of the Orchestra’s affairs, or about the members being so unrelenting in their negotiations. The reasons seem to change daily.

I think back to the wonderful time of the great Louisville Orchestra and its director Robert Whitney. When I was in elementary school and, later, junior high school, we looked forward to the Making Music concerts every school term. Mr. Whitney was beloved by kids. He transferred his love of music to hundreds of children. The musicians were just as devoted to performing as Mr. Whitney.

It seems that in today’s world, at least with our Orchestra currently, salary, power, negotiations, threats and blame have replaced the love for music to be heard and the pride of performing and the appreciation of this art form has been stilled, at least for now.

Now on to my next complaint. Where has Thanksgiving gone? We just finished with Halloween and every thing is coming up Christmas. The answer has to be commercialism. Halloween has become a giant money maker for merchants, then Christmas dollar signs follow on its heels. I guess the only saving grace for Thanksgiving is getting families together and to be thankful we have another time to be together. That is OK with me but I still feel like Thanksgiving has been squeezed out of its rightful place. I guess the only one unhappy about the demise and the apparent snubbing of Thanksgiving is me. The turkey is probably the happiest.

Hold your breath, common sense may not be dead. It was reported this morning some 20. Republicans may be willing to support parts of the bill to get parts of the job bill passed and put some people back to work. Also they have not ruled out some tax effort to assist in the process. We await this development with faith and great hope.
Until next time, the pundit says,”Never stop questioning that, which you don’t understand.”


2 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. I agree with all of your insights- Thanksgiving is the most important national holiday to me as an opportunity to express to God & man my sincere gratefullness for the Love & Goodness granted to me. Regaardless of worldview or spiritual persuasion, gratitude & love are universal truths worth observing Everyday.

  2. It has seemed to me for years that the board of the Louisville Orchestra does not want Louisville to have an orchestra. I do not understand why anyone would want to be on the board of an organization that he or she does not believe in and want to support. Isn’t that the job of the board? Who chooses these people?

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